Miscellaneous/Other Harnesses
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Information on Harnesses


Gemtor Harnesses        

#541 Fire Service Harness (NFPA Class II)

Features and Benefits:

·         Fast and Easy Donning

·         Patented design lowers the body’s center of gravity and helps reduce the possibility of toppling.

·         Unique adjustable leg strap design – place on foot through a color coded loop and the entire harness goes on effortlessly.

·         Sturdy, lightweight nylon webbing 1 ¾” wide stitched with high tenacity nylon thread.

·         Easy waist belt operation – just engage steel snaphook and D-ring.

·         Harness classified as a NFPA Class II Life Safety Harness by Underwriters Laboratories

·         Harness Pompier Hook features automatic closing and locking gate with one hand operation.

·         Hook classified as a 9000 lbs. minimum breaking strength, NFPA General Use Carabiner by Underwriters Laboratories.

·         Hook has 2” side opening gate.

541L- left side (shown) opening or 541R- right side opening (extra large available)

 Model # 541 with new Auto Locking Carabiner

Ladder/Escape “Pompier” Belts


Gemtor Pompier Belts are designed and classified as ladder/escape belts. They are intended for use both as a positioning device for a person on a ladder as well as for use by the wearer as an emergency self-rescue device. Gemtor Pompier Belts are specified by departments around the world and have become synonymous with quality and dependability.


Features and Benefits:

·         Belt made of specially woven, high strength nylon webbing.

·         Lock stitched with high tenacity nylon thread

·         3” wide buckle strap.

·         5” wide body pad.

·         Double tongue buckle for fast engagement and release of the belt.

·         Zinc plated steel Pompier hook with automatic, one-hand twist lock operation.

·         Hardware meets 50 hour salt spray test

·         UL classification.

·         Proven track record

·         Adjustable leg straps available.

·         18” hook extension available.


Available Models:

#531-with hook only

#534 with hook & sheath for crash axe


531-0 Extra Small (32”-38” waist)

531-1 Small (36”-42”)

531-2 Medium (40”-46”)

531-3 Large (44”-50”)

531-4 XL (46”-52”)

531-9 2XL (up to 56”)

531 Pompier Belt


VesTank Portable Fire Pump


The VesTank from Gemtor, Inc. is a portable fire pump that you wear like a vest. Its ergonomic design distributes the weight evenly around your torso providing greater capacity and less physical strain and fatigue. The increased capacity and mobility compared to old fashioned backpacks makes the VesTank the ideal choice in areas not easily accessible to large apparatus.


Model #VT100

·         For fighting brush fires

·         Easy to put on

·         Ergonomic design

·         One size fits all

·         More comfortable than back packs because water is evenly distributed around the torso

·         8 gallons capacity, up to 60% more than backpacks

·         Made of strong/durable urethane coated Nylon, which makes the VesTank lighter and more flexible than rigid steel tanks and easily repairable unlike double wall tanks

·         Water inside the vest helps keep the body cool

·         Large “fill port”

·         Folds flat for easy storage

·         Quick-connect pump-to-tank attachment

·         Unique pump features impact plastic over brass design

·         Tool-free assembly/disassembly allows the pump to be cleaned & repaired quickly & easily

·         High volume pump directs stream of water more than 35 ft.

·         Comes with standard with adjustable spray and fixed stream nozzles.




Fagan Full Body Harness

Fagan Full Body Harness

One size fits all. This harness is made of 2”(5cm), 9000 lb.(4082kg) test minimum strength webbing. All the hardware is to military specifications. This harness is uniquely comfortable and simple. The leg, waist and shoulder straps are individually adjustable. There is a D-ring high on the back for lifting or restraining while keeping you in an upright position. Another D-ring in front at the waist is positioned for rappelling or as another lifting point. Color: blue and red. Weight 4.5 lbs.(2kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #FFB2 Fagan Full Body Harness


Killington Full Body Harness

Killington Full Body Harness

This harness which is light, strong and simple offers ultimate protection, distributing load over the wearer’s entire frame. It is made entirely of 2”(5cm) nylon webbing with a 9000 lb.(4082kg) minimum breaking strength. All hardware is stainless steel. D-rings for lifting may be added at the shoulders or at the middle of the back. Color: Blue. Weight 1.8 lbs.(.8kg). Made in USA.







Catalog #KFB1 Killington Full Body Harness


Rappel Seat Harness

Rappel Seat Harness

One size fits all, easy to put on, easy to adjust, and long wearing. This seat was designed with tactical exercises in mind, however it has been found to be outstanding for rescue work, far superior to the traditional Swiss seat for comfort and versatility. The harness is constructed entirely of 2”(5cm) nylon webbing of 9000 lb.(4082kg) minimum strength. The waist and leg straps are individually adjustable; and all hardware is to military specification. This harness is secured to your body by one snap. Three adjustments snug it comfortably to your body, making inspection easy. To properly secure the harness to your body snug the waist strap first then each leg strap. Colors: blue, black. Weight 26oz.(736g). Made in USA.

Catalog #BC3-1 Rappel Seat Harness

Catalog #BC3-2 Rappel Seat Harness, Tactical Black



Miller #6400N Wristlets

Miller #6255 Wristlets

Two models. OSHA allows Wristlets to be used whenever a harness would be impractical or would create a greater hazard. Wristlets are used mainly in areas with extremely narrow openings or in glass or other easily damaged tanks. Wristlets are for retrieval only, do not use for fall protection. The Miller #6400N Wristlets are made from soft nylon webbing with leather padding and weigh 3.3oz.(94g) each. The Miller #6255 Wristlets are made from soft comfortable leather with adjustable buckles and weigh 5.7oz.(163g) each. Sold in pairs. Made in USA.

Catalog #6400N Miller Wristlets, Nylon

Catalog #6255 Miller Wristlets, Leather


Wrist Harness

Bashlin Wrist Harness

Wrist Harnesses are intended to be used as a retrieval device only, and must not be used for fall protection or as a lifting device. They are intended to guide hands and wrists to allow retrieval utilizing a rated harness or other suitable rescue device. Wrist Harnesses are for emergency work and for work locations where a full body harness might not be practical due to close quarters or small openings. Made of 1”(2.5cm) nylon webbing with cushioning material around wrist, it grips the wrist with a choker style hitch. They can be fastened into place while per­forming work. During emergency lifting or dragging, the hitch snugs around the wrist enabling rescue work to be performed in confined spaces without complicated rescue devices. Weight 1 lb.(.45kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #696-NW Wrist Harness


Tree Trimming Saddle

Bashlin California Saddle

Tree Trimming Saddles are designed to give not only service but comfort. They are designed to take the place of old style rope saddles that cut and burn the user’s legs and hips. The California model is a Class IV saddle made of nylon and the saddle section is lined for additional comfort. This model is equipped with four D rings, two for suspension and two for securing yourself in a given position. It also features leg straps as well as an additional ring and snap to secure other equipment. Weight 6 lbs. 2oz.(2.9kg). Made in USA.











Pole/Tree Climber

Catalog #669-SIZE Tree Trimming Saddle


Pole/Tree Climbers

Adjustable climbers with a replaceable gaff made of high strength alu­minum alloy. They are lighter than steel climbers, but have the same strength as steel models. This is a deluxe climber, lightweight and very comfortable. Standard sleeves can be adjusted from 15”(38cm) to 18”(45.7cm) in 1/4”(6mm) steps. This assures a perfect fit for utmost comfort. One pair of Climbers consists of left and right leg straps and leg pads. Note: Bashlin makes many other styles of Climbers (including steel) and offers a wide range of options. Call us to discuss your special needs. Weight 5 lbs.(2.27kg) per pair. Made in USA.

Catalog #BD-14-4 Tree Climber Set

Catalog #BD-14T-4 Tree Climber Set



Radio Chest Harness

Radio Chest Harness

This one-size-fits-all Radio Harness will instantly adjust to fit any handheld radio. Holds snugly to your chest, without the need for multiple Velcro straps or buckles. Features all-Cordura construction; a large capacity, bellows cargo pouch; pen pouch; and twin elastic antenna keepers. A must for SAR applications.

Catalog #94RCH-1 Conterra Radio Chest Harness