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Hasty Harness

PMI Hasty Harness

This simple and secure evacuation seat is specially designed to be lightweight, efficient and easy to put on a patient in distress. The split center piece of the triangle design conforms to the wearer and is surprisingly comfortable, even for an extended ride. One size fits most.

Catalog # SG51114 Hasty Harness

Avatar Full Body Harness

PMI Avatar Harness

Think you've seen this harness before, only with a different label? Take another look! The Avatar is a one-of-a-kind harness with an array of basic design and not-so-subtle features that make it the most versatile, comfortable, and useful harness you're ever likely to wear! Black and Safety Yellow. Comes with a convenient carry - storage bag. Made in USA. Features include: * Dorsal,Sternal, Waist, Hip and Shoulder Attachments * Approved attachment alternatives are tested to full strength * Ergonomic Front with Leg Loop Suspension * Fully adjustable rear leg loop risers * Fully adjustable chest harness * Wide, form fitting, ergonomic padding * Seat Harness available in two sizes to fit 30"-55" waists * One Size fits most interchangeable/removable Chest Harness * Modified Shoulder Straps for greater comfort, less chafing

Catalog # SG51036 Avatar Full Body HarnessStandard Size

Catalog # SG51042 Avatar Full Body Harness Large- XXL Size

Circumferential Chest Harness

PMI Circumferential Harness

An alternate chest harness for the Avatar Harness. Attaches to any Avatar seat harness. Circumferential design holds wearer's upper torso closer to the rope than our standard chest harness. Perfect for rope ascending systems using a chest roller plate. Includes: Dorsal ring, sternal sewn loop and chest roller mounting system. (Chest roller plate sold separately)

Catalog # SG51037 Circumferential Chest Harness

Avatar Seat Harness

PMI Avatar Seat Harness

Just like your favorite pair of jeans, the Avatar is extraordinarily wearable. Ergonomic shape, contoured padding, double-adjustable waist, adjustable leg loops and adjustable rear risers lend to the comfort of this harness. Front Waist and side D Ring attachment points make this an excellent choice for work or rescue. Can be retrofitted with your choice of two optional Chest Harnesses to meet NFPA Class III and ANSI fall protection standards. Black and Safety Yellow. Comes with a convenient storage-carry bag. Made in USA. Optional Chest Harness sold seperately.

Catalog # SG51043 Avatar Seat Harness Standard

Catalog # SG41044 Avatar Seat Harness Large- XXL

Spectrum Harness

PMI Spectrum Harness

A simple yet comfortable and exceptionally versatile harness design with adjustable waist and leg loops. This harness is an excellent choice for gyms, schools, or anywhere harnesses are shared among users. One gear loop. Made in USA. Waist: 24in - 47in Leg: n/a - 34in

Catalog # SG51112 Spectrum Harness

Pit Viper Harness

PMI Pit Viper Harness

This caving harness features a low profile, and very low frontal attachment point, making it an excellent choice for cave exploration or cave rescue. Designed to work with Frog chest harness. 13/4 flat webbing features abrasion guards over the backs of each leg strap. Two gear loops. Adjustable waist and legs. Color: Red. Standard: Waist-26/40 Legs-18/28 Large: Waist-30/51 Legs-21/31

Catalog # SG51038 Pit Viper Standard Harness

Catalog # SG51046 Pit Viper Large Harness

Frog System Chest Harness

PMI Frog System

Chest Harness

Comfort and simplicity in a one-size-fits-all design. Constructed of 1 (2.5cm) flat webbing with plastic quick snap buckles. Designed specifically for use in Frog type climbing system to raise the seat harness mounted ascender as one climbs. Not for use as conventional chest harness. Color: Black.

Catalog # SG51047 Frog System Chest Harness

Bucket Belt

Fall prevention waist belt with attached 17 (45cm) lanyard complete with (1.2cm) snap hook for attachment to anchor rings and Ds. This belt is designed especially for fall prevention of workers in bucket trucks, and should be rigged appropriately so as to prevent any possibility of a fall. Not intended for fall arrest, or to be used in a free hanging configuration.

Catalog # SG51123 Bucket Belt

RIT Class II Seat Harness

A harness designed to be worn over turnouts. Special design and closure system allows the harness to be left on your turnouts all the time. Sew the optional Nomex loop kit to your turnout pants for secure semi-premanent fitting

Catalog # SG51120 RIT Class II Seat Harness

Catalog # SG51124 Nomex Loop Kit