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Born Body Harness

Born Body Harness

An all new design full body harness that meets or exceeds all national standards for industrial and commercial applications. The Born Body Harness Features a sliding back yoke assembly to help reduce fall impact forces. The Born Body Harness has both front and back clip-in-points. Also available with two 5000 lb.(2268kg) mil spec forged steel shoulder D-Rings for confined space rescue. Closed cell foam padding on the leg loops and lower chest makes this full body harness a joy to work in. Weight 5 lbs.(2.26kg). Made in USA.

Born Body Harness Size Selection:







28”-38” (72-98cm)

38”-48” (98-123cm)

48”-58” (123-148cm)

58”-68” (148-174cm)


22”-34” (57-87cm)

34”-46” (87-118cm)

46”-56” (118-144cm)

56”-66” (144-169cm)


Catalog #WBBH-X Born Body Harness(replace X w/your size)

Catalog #WBBH-X-SD Born Body Harness w/Shoulder D-Rings(replace X w/your         size)

Full Body Harness

Weinel Full Body Harness

A simple to do, comfortable, one size fits all [5’2” to 6’ 4”(159-195cm) tall, 24” to 50”(61.5-128cm) waist] full body harness. Meets or exceeds NFPA/ANSI Class III standards and is labeled as such. Made of 1.75”(4.5cm) 9000 lb.(4082kg) solid nylon webbing, all load bearing hardware is 5000 lb.(2268kg) or more mil spec for your safety. Front waist level D ring for rappelling and rescue and a high D ring in the center of the back for lifting or restraining in a vertical lift. Also available with two 5000 lb.(2268kg) mil spec forged steel shoulder D-rings for confined space rescue. Weight 4.5 lbs.(2kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #WFBH Weinel Full Body Harness

Catalog #WFBH-SD Weinel Full Body Harness w/Shoulder D-Rings

Y Lifting Spreader Yoke

Y Lifting Spreader Yoke

This useful lifting bridle is designed to be used with any full body harness with shoulder lifting points. Manufactured with one inch(2.56cm) solid 6000 pound(2722kg) nylon webbing. The 16” x 1.25”(41x3.2cm) spreader bar fits through the majority of access ways, and is extremely rugged. Overall height 28”(72cm). Weight 37oz.(1kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #WYLSY Y Lifting Yoke

Chest Harnesses

Chest Harness

This chest harness is designed for either front or back line connection. Front connection point is used in conjunction with a seat harness in rope rescue and climbing applications. Back connection is used for in‑water personnel tether during water rescue operations. The harness is easy to don and fits most people [24” to 48”(61.5-123cm) chest]. Made of 9000 lb.(4082kg), 1.75”(4.5cm) solid nylon webbing and 5000 lb.(2268kg) mil spec hardware. Meets or exceeds NFPA and ANSI standards. Weight 1.5 lbs. (879g). Made in USA.

Catalog #WCH Chest Harness

Catalog #WBJCH Light Weight Recreational Chest Harness

Last Chance Belt

Last Chance Belt

A functional uniform belt. Made of 1.75”(4.5cm) black webbing with a test strength of 9000 lbs.(4090kg). The black hardware is manufactured to military specifications. One size fits all up to 46”(118cm). Features a sewn in V ring near the buckle. For an emergency escape, simply flip open the V ring, clip in a carabiner and a rappel device then make your descent.  Looks great on your uniform and that way you will be sure to always have it with you. Weight 12oz.(339g). Made in USA.

WARNING: this item is sold as a belt. It is not to be used for rappelling except under direct threat to your life.

Catalog #WLCB‑1 Last Chance Belt

Catalog #WLCB-1-L Large [fits up to 60”(154cm)] Last Chance Belt

Victim Emergency Harness

Victim Emergency Harness

A 13’(3.9m) length of 2”(50mm) flat webbing with heavy duty military specification buckle. Webbing minimum test strength 6000 lbs.(2722kg). Many practical uses in the field. It makes a fast, secure and comfortable harness for a victim, a spare harness for the rescuer, and an adjustable swami belt, or as a stretcher (or backboard) tie‑in strap. Includes instructions on how to use as a harness and suggestions for other applications. Every rescue pack should have at least one. Colors: red, blue or black. Weight 12oz.(339g). Made in USA.

Catalog #VEH156‑X Victim Emergency Harness(replace X w/color)

Rescue/Ladder Belt

Weinel Rescue/Ladder Belt

Designed as a ladder belt, it may be worn inside or outside turnout gear. If worn outside you can even hang tools on it. Meets or exceeds NFPA‑ANSI requirements for a Class II seat harness. The belt is constructed of 1.75”(4.5cm) nylon webbing tested to 9000 lbs.(4082kg) or more. This belt is designed to function as a ladder belt, and it has a butt strap which can be dropped down forming a rappel seat. Includes a leather pad under the waist belt adjuster to prevent body contact with hard metal adjuster. When used as a ladder belt you will need an SMC #20001 carabiner. The belt has two adjustments: one for the waist belt and the other for the buttocks. Weight 17oz.(482g). Made in USA.

Catalog #WRLB‑1 Weinel Rescue/Ladder Belt only

Catalog #WRLB‑2 Weinel Rescue/Ladder Belt with Carabiner

NFPA Rescue Seat

Weinel Rappel Rescue Seat

Designed for rescue and tactical work. Exceeds ANSI, and NFPA standards for a Class II seat harness. Manufactured from 1.75”(4.5cm), 9000 lb.(4090kg) nylon webbing and military specification 5000 lb.(2268kg) hardware. One ­size fits all waist and leg loops. Includes a leather pad under the waist belt adjuster to prevent body contact with hard metal parts. Waist: 21”-55”(53-140cm). Leg loops: 7”-29”(18-74cm). Weight 26oz.(736g). Made in USA.

     5000 lb.(2268kg) D-ring clip in point

     Two 5000 lb.(2268kg) D-ring accessory clip in points

     Orange or all Black

     NFPA and ANSI Labeled (Except black)

Catalog #WRRS‑O Weinel Rappel/Rescue Seat ‑ Orange

Catalog #WRRS‑B Weinel Rappel/Rescue Seat ‑ Black

Ascending Stirrup

Ascending Stirrup

Adjustable length foot strap with back‑up connection to seat harness. Used in Texas and French climbing systems. Weight 8oz.(226g). Made in USA.

Catalog #WJS Ascending Stirrup

Tech Harnesses

Four styles to choose from, a seat harness for every need. Over three years in the making. We looked at every harness that we could (hundreds of them), picking and choosing the best features of each, combining and refining them to the point of perfection. The Tech Series Harnesses all share the following features: 3”(7.6cm) waist belt, elastic butt straps, and single pass 5000 lb.(2268kg) buckles. All webbing and hardware exceeds NFPA standards, and all bear labels certifying compliance with applicable ANSI standards.

Tech Harness Sizing

For the highest degree of safety and comfort, a harness must fit properly. The belt on all Tech Seat Harnesses may be lapped on top of itself for smaller people, or a gap of up to 8”(20cm) between the ends of the waist belt may be left to accommodate larger people. Always have at least 4”(10cm) of webbing left after buckling the single pass buckle. Tie the end in an overhand knot after adjusting to fit waist. The harness is oriented properly when the label is on the left leg.

Tech Seat Harness Sizing Chart






22” - 30”(56-77cm)

29” - 37”(74-95cm)

36” - 44”(92-113cm)


16” - 22”(41-56cm)

22” - 28”(56-72cm)

26” - 32”(67-82cm)


Basic Tech Seat Harness

Basic Tech Seat

A lightweight adjustable seat harness for rappelling and free climbing. Features a 6000 lb.(2722kg) webbing tie in point. No bells and whistles here, plain and simple. No gear loops or other attachments. Black and orange webbing with plated hardware. Weight 18oz.(500g). Made in USA.

S = Small   M = Medium   L = Large

Catalog #WBTS‑X Basic Tech Seat Harness(replace X w/your size)

Tech Rescue Seat Harness

Tech Rescue Seat

Features two 5000 lb.(2268kg) mil spec D rings, one as the tie‑in point up front, and the second as a hauling loop on the back. Four gear loops insure plenty of space to carry additional items such as chocks, carabiners and slings. Black and orange webbing with plated hardware. Exceeds ANSI standards and is labeled as such. Weight 25oz.(707g) Made in USA.

S = Small   M = Medium   L = Large

Catalog #WTRS‑X Tech Rescue Seat Harness(replace X w/your size)

Padded Tech Rescue and Recreational Seat Harness

Padded Tech Rescue Seat

The same features as the Tech Rescue Seat Harness with the added luxury of 3/8”(l0mm) closed cell foam padding on the waist and leg loops. The padding is covered with a strong abrasion resistant fabric. The ends of the waist belt and leg loops are anatomically tapered to offer the highest degree of comfort. Black and orange webbing, yellow fabric with plated hardware. Exceeds ANSI standards and is labeled as such. Made in USA.

S = Small(Orange)   M = Medium(Yellow)   L = Large(Red)

Catalog #WPTRS‑X Padded Tech Rescue Seat Harness(replace X w/your size)

                                Weight 30oz.(849g)

Catalog #WPBSH-X Padded Recreational Seat Harness(replace X w/your size)

                                Weight 28oz.(800g)

Ropewalker Harness System

Ropewalker Chest Harness

Ropewalker Knee Harness

Ropewalker Foot Harness

A state of the art, simple‑to‑use system which allows the user to ascend a fixed line by himself. The unique system consists of three harnesses, which when used in conjunction with a seat harness and ascenders, will enable the wearer to climb a rope with a minimum of effort. At the 1987 National Speleological Society convention, Rosano Boscarino set a new world record for climbing 100’ (27.5 seconds) and 400’ (4 minutes 10 seconds) using a homemade Ropewalker system. Of course, the average climber will not achieve times to equal Rosano’s record, but it does give some ideas as to the potential. The complete system consists of the following items: one chest harness with a modified Simmons roller(Roller with Plate, page 6), fits all chest sizes from 20”(50cm) to 48”(121cm), one knee cam harness (one size fits all) with 6’(2m) of .25”(7mm) shock cord and spring snap;  and one foot cam harness, one size fits all. Super construction. All load bearing portions are made of 2”(50mm) webbing test strength 6000 lbs.(2722kg). It is a very safe system as the climber is attached to the rope by three independent ascenders. Barring rope or anchor failure above the climber, it is almost impossible for the climber to fall, as the only direction the climber can move is up. The system is available as a complete system or as component parts‑the choice is yours. Because the system is compatible with any seat harness, we do not supply a seat harness with the complete system. Weight of complete system with ascenders is 8 lbs.(2.6kg), complete with harnesses only 5 lbs. 4oz.(2.4kg), chest harness only 1 lb. 12oz. (795g), foot harness only 1 lb. 8oz.(680g). Knee harness only 1 lb. 8oz.(680g). Made in USA.

Catalog #RWHCS‑1 Ropewalker Complete with Ascenders

Catalog #RWHCS‑2 Ropewalker Complete without Ascenders

Catalog #RWCH‑3 Ropewalker Chest Harness only (Includes roller and chest   plate)

Catalog #RWKH‑4 Ropewalker Knee Harness only

Catalog #RWFH‑5 Ropewalker Foot Harness only (Includes link and bushing)

Catalog #RWFH-6 Ropewalker Foot Harness Floating Cam Style(no link or      bushing needed)

Rescue Slings

Side Opening Rescue Sling

Standard Rescue Sling

Two styles and two sizes‑a rescue sling for every need. Standard model (adult and child sizes) slips over the wearer’s head and is adjusted to fit by way of the chest adjuster. Side opening model has a spring closure which allows the rescuer to lay the sling flat, slip it around the victim and then snap it shut. Quick, simple and efficient. This style harness is favored by ski patrol and water rescue groups. Made of 9000 lb.(4082kg) 1.75”(4.5cm) webbing with 5”(12.8cm) padding, and 5000 lb.(2268kg) mil spec hardware, meets or exceeds NFPA and OSHA standards. Standard model weight 1.5 lbs.(680g) adult, 1.25 lbs.(566g) child; side opening model 2 lbs.(907g) adult, 1.75 lbs.(794g) child. Made in USA.

Catalog #WRS‑1 Rescue Sling Standard Adult

Catalog #WRS‑2 Rescue Sling Side Opening Adult

Catalog #WRS‑3 Rescue Sling Standard Child

Catalog #WRS‑4 Rescue Sling Side Opening Child

Pick-Off Strap

Weinel Pick-Off Strap

Adjustable length utility strap. Often used to effect a one man pick-off. When doubled it can also be used as an anchor. Adjustable sling from 9”(23cm) length to 54”(138.5cm) length. Webbing is 1.75”(4.5cm) wide and 9000 lb.(4082kg). Hardware is mil spec 5000 lbs.(2268kg). Weight 14oz.(396g). Made in USA.

Catalog #WPOS Pick-Off Strap

Radio Harness

Radio Harness

A quality radio harness with your comfort in mind. The back is made of lightweight nylon material to help you keep your cool and it’s padded to protect your chest from the corners and edges or the radio. This harness will hold a standard‑size, hand‑held radio unit on the chest where it’s protected from impact and foul weather. The unique strapping system is adjustable to a wide range of radio sizes and shapes. Thanks to the Fastex buckles and sliders, it will adjust to your radio in a matter of moments. Once the radio is in place, just squeeze and talk, no need to remove the radio from the harness. Weight 16oz.(453g). Made in USA.

Catalog #WRH1-O Radio Harness Orange

Catalog #WRH1-B Radio Harness Black