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Low Angle Evac Stretcher Harness

The CMC Pro Series Low Angle Evac Harness is faster to use than tying a harness out of webbing. By tying to the outside of the stretcher you get better stability than connecting carabiners directly to the stretcher railing. The center strap provides an adjustable back-up to the other legs. Made out of Mil-Spec. 1 3/4”(4.5cm) flat webbing with a tensile strength of 10,000 lbs.(4536kg). All hardware meets NFPA and military specifications. The two outside straps attach just below the railing to the cross bar, near the head of the stretcher. The adjustable strap attaches around the horizontal tubing in the center of the head section. Rated strength: 5000 lbs.(2268kg). A nylon storage bag is included. Color: yellow.

Catalog #724123 CMC Low Angle Evac Stretcher Harness


Litter Wheel

SMC Litter Wheel

It makes a dramatic difference in carrying a patient in a litter. The Litter Wheel rolls over railroad tracks, can be used in subway tunnels, on trails and in moderately rough terrain. It quickly attaches to the top rails of a standard Stokes style basket litter in less than 30 seconds. The frame is made of welded aluminum. The axle is 3/4”(19mm) stainless steel, and the wheel is made of composite plastic, with nylon sleeved bushings. The tire is a low pressure 11”(28cm) wide by 21”(53cm) diameter with knobby tread. Weight 29 lbs.(13kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #121400 Litter Wheel and Frame, Attaches to Top Rail of Litter

Recovery Bag

A heavy duty nylon and vinyl Recovery Bag. Suitable for rough terrain use. Four 2”(5cm) wide webbing handle straps run completely under the bag for added strength. Washable. Color: black. Weight 5.4 lbs.(2.4kg).

Catalog #RB Recovery Bag


Litter Shield


CMC Litter Shield

Protect your patient from further trauma during stretcher evacuations and carryouts. The CMC Litter Shield effectively protects the patient’s face, head and neck from inclement weather, brush, dirt, falling rocks and debris without compromising access to the head for medical monitoring or treatment. Quick release straps allow the rescuer to load and access the patient even while a raising or lowering system is attached to the stretcher. The Litter Shield’s unique mounting system fits most stretchers currently in use, and makes the shield easy to transport or stow. It can be inverted to lay flat inside the stretcher or removed for separate carrying or storage. Molded of 3/16”(5mm) thick Lexan®, the Litter Shield offers hard hitting impact resistance with the clarity and weatherability of glass. Patient comfort is also increased since there is no need for additional protective headgear. Patented. Weight 3.4 lbs.(1.5kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #740000 CMC Litter Shield Only (order clamp separately)

Catalog #740011 Railing Clamp for Stokes Litter

Catalog #740012 Railing Clamp for Plastic Litter


Stretcher Insert

The CMC Stretcher Insert attaches to the interior of a Stokes basket litter quickly and easily, creating a “bed” that greatly increases patient comfort while maintaining support. The CMC Insert can be easily removed and stored out of the elements. This makes it the only practical insert for a break apart stretcher. Not only can it be put on when the stretcher is assembled, but it acts as a back up to keep the break apart stretcher together. Straps attached to the bottom of the insert pull it down into the stretcher to maintain a low center of gravity. Extra tie down slots are provided around the outside edge of the Insert so that the patient may be tied to the Insert only, or to both the stretcher and the Insert. The Insert fits both standard and break apart stretchers, with or without leg dividers. The Mesh Stretcher Insert is standard. A Cordura® Stretcher Insert can be special ordered. Weight 3.5 lbs.(1.6kg).

Catalog #724102 Nylon Mesh Stretcher Insert

Catalog #724103 Cordura Nylon Stretcher Insert

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