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Sked Stretcher System

Sked Stretcher System Complete

This is the state of the art in rescue litters. If you can only have one type of rescue stretcher, this is the one you should have. A rescue and patient transport system that is compact, lightweight and versatile. It performs all of the functions of a traditional Stokes or basket type stretcher and much more. It is made of a low density polyethylene plastic which melts at 480 Fahrenheit(249C) and with­stands the cold to a frigid -120 Fahrenheit(-84C). In addi­tion the Sked Stretcher’s design and flexibility makes it ideal for confined space rescue in areas such as: stor­age tanks, ship’s hatches, mine shafts, manholes, caves, ventilation ducts and other difficult locations. Thanks to the thick plastic which makes up the stretcher it is a breeze to drag, slide or move on all surfaces. It easily slides over dirt, gravel, rocks, carpets, underbrush or even a concrete floor. You can slide the patient and stretcher down stairs or ladders, saving   wear and tear on your back. It can be quickly rigged for either horizontal or ver­tical (head first) lowering or hoisting with rope systems. For patients with spinal or cervical injuries the Sked Stretcher will accent any immobilization device currently on the market. The Sked O.S.S. Backboard  will fit inside the backpack along with the stretcher, giving you a complete backboard and stretcher in one package (the O.S.S. is found on page 7 of this catalog). The Sked will also accept mast trousers. The Sked is transparent to x-­rays and its .1”(2.8mm) thickness makes it easy to put under a patient and even easier to remove with a mini­mum of patient movement. When time is critical and a life is at stake, don’t settle for less! The weight of the stretcher only is 11 lbs.(5kg). The weight of entire basic system (catalog numbers SK201 through SK207) is only 16 lbs.(7.27kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #SK200-O Sked Basic System Complete - Orange

Catalog #SK200-G Sked Basic System Complete - Dk. Green

Catalog # SK200C-OR Sked Basic Rescue System (Upgraded with Cobra Buckles) – Orange

Catalog # SK200C-GR Sked Basic Rescue System (Upgraded with Cobra Buckles) - Green

Catalog #SK201 Sked Stretcher Only

Catalog #SK202 Backpack

Catalog #SK400 Sked Pediatric Stretcher Complete

Catalog #SK403 Sked Pediatric Stretcher Only

Catalog #SK404 Backpack for SK400

Catalog #SK203 Horizontal Lifting Straps (set of two)

Catalog #SK204 Tow Strap

Catalog #SK205 Carrying Handles (set of 4)

Catalog #SK206/7 Vertical Lifting Kit, Consisting of 30’(9.1m) of 3/8”(10mm) PMI         Rope and One 21001 Steel Locking D Carabiner

Catalog #SK208C Sked-Evac Aluminum Side Release Buckle Conversion Kit


Sked Basic Rescue System (Upgraded with Cobra Buckles)

The original and still the best solution for confined space, high angle or technical rescue, and traditional land based applications, the Sked stretcher is a revolutionary design which provides outstanding patient protection and security. The Sked comes equipped for horizontal hoisting by helicopter or vertical hoisting in caves or industrial confined spaces. When the patient is packaged the stretcher becomes rigid. The durable plastic provides protection for the patient while allowing extrication through the most demanding confined spaces. The stretcher is rolled for storage in a tough cordura backpack which is included with the system. The system ships at 19 lbs and comes complete for most applications. Available in International Orange or O.D. Green for military, S.W.A.T. and other tactical situations. Made in USA.

SK-200-OR    International Orange

SK-200-GR    O.D. Green


Sked-Evac Aluminum Side Release Buckle Conversion Kit (Cobra Buckles)

The challenge of finding a quick connect/quick release buckle for the Sked® has finally been met. Skedco now has the Austrian made Skedco/Cobra side release buckles that are dependable and strong enough to meet the needs of securing a patient into a Sked® stretcher without the danger of breakage. These buckles are rated at 3 thousand pounds. They are durable and easy to use. When they are under tension they are very hard to release thus accidental release under tension is not an issue. With these buckles you will no longer have to weave the webbing through the buckles when packaging a patient. Patient packaging is often done in about half of the time as when using the original steel buckles. Because of the cost of the buckles they are offered as a special order on new Sked®s and as a retrofit kit for Sked®s you already have. You do, however, get everything you pay for with these buckles. They dramatically speed up the patient packaging because of the ease of using them.




Half-Sked Patient Drag

The Half-Sked is made of the same durable material as the Sked stretcher, but is only half as long. The patient is secured in the Half-Sked with sewn-in two inch webbing straps with fastex style double adjustable buckles, and patients can be extricated from the tightest of confined spaces. Unlike the Sked® stretcher, the Half-Sked allows the patient to bend at the hips, allowing greater flexibility to turn corners. The Half-Sked should not be used as a hoisting or immobilization device, but for cost effective extrication from the most demanding confined spaces there is nothing quite like it anywhere. Available in International Orange and O.D. Green.  Made in USA.


SK-220-OR    International Orange

SK-220-GR    O.D. Green


The Rescue Hauler 4:1 Pulley Device

The ingenious device combines a 3-inch double pulley with a cam. The rope can move in only one direction when the cam is engaged. It allows you to raise a load by pulling on the tail end of the rope, releasing it, and getting another grip. The cam can be released manually by pulling on the attached cord. This allows you to lower the load. The cam is guaranteed for life. There are no hidden parts to this device, facilitating minimal maintenance and easy inspection in the field. The pulley sheaves and body of the Rescue Hauler and matching pulley are anodized. They will meet a 200 hour salt spray test. The Rescue Hauler accommodates rope sizes from 3/8” (10mm) to ½” (12/5mm). Maximum recommended load at the cam is 2300lb (1,045 kg). Minimum break strength when in use is 12,000 lb (5,455 kg). When used with a separate double pulley as shown here, it gives you a 4:1 mechanical advantage.

SK-710            Skedco Rescue Hauler

SK-711            Skedco 3” Double Pulley w/o becket

SK-712            Skedco 3” Double Pulley with becket


SK-650 Rapid Deployment Water Rescue System

·         SK-200 Sked Basic Rescue System

·         SK-605/SK606 CO2 Inflatable Float Logs (pair) – each has an inflatable bladder covered with durable black nylon

·         SK-602 Chest Pad – attaches to the front of the packaged patient, not allowing the patient to float face down

·         SK-601 Ballast Weight – durable bag filled with 15 pounds of lead shot which attaches to the bottom of the Sked with hook and loop fastener

·         SK-604 Extra Long Handles

·         SK-652 Sling and Carabiner Float



Water Flotation For Sked Stretcher

Sked Rigid Flotation System Complete

Skedco has added a new dimension in litter flotation by developing two systems which enables the Sked Stretcher to float vertically. Vertical flotation prevents the possibility of patient drowning due to capsizing. The Sked Stretcher with Skedco flotation will not float face down. It is self-righting when up-ended. Flotation of the Sked Stretcher is accom­plished with a pair of 5”(12.7cm) diameter Ethafoam logs and a chest pad also made of Ethafoam. The Ethafoam floats provide approximately 56 lbs.(25.4kg) of flotation. In order to make the Sked float vertically we use a 15 lb.(6.8kg) ballast, made of lead shot in a nylon bag. The ballast is attached to the Sked with nylon straps and Velcro. In order to lift the Sked from the water, Skedco provides two extra-long webbing handles. This flotation is simple to use. An experienced person can package a patient in water in as few as two minutes. Weight of entire system is only 21 lbs.(9.5kg). Made in USA.

Rigid System

Catalog #SK600-GR Flotation System Complete - Dk. Green

Catalog #SK600-OR Flotation System Complete - Orange

Catalog #SK601 Ballast with Bag (replacement)

Catalog #SK602-OR Chest Pad (replacement) - Orange

Catalog #SK602-GR Chest Pad (replacement) - Dk. Green

Catalog #SK603-GR Flotation Log with Cover and Straps (replacement) - Dk.   Green

Catalog #SK603-OR Flotation Log with Cover and Straps (replacement) - Orange

Catalog #SK604-OR Extra Long Handles Set of Two (replacement) - Yellow

Inflatable System

Catalog #SK650-GR Complete Rapid Deployment Stretcher System - Dk. Green

Catalog #SK650-OR Complete Rapid Deployment Stretcher System - Orange

Catalog #SK651-GR Rapid Deployment Pack Only - Dark Green

Catalog #SK651-OR Rapid Deployment Pack Only - Orange

Catalog #SK652 Lift Sling Float Only

Catalog #SK606 Inflatable Log Left

Catalog #SK605 Inflatable Log Right

Catalog #SK653 Replacement CO2 Refill Cartridge



Hazmat/ Decontaminable Sked Stretcher


Product description

  • A rescue stretcher designed to perform rescues in a contaminated area, yet is light weight, durable, easy to use, and decontaminable


  • Rolled up - 9 inch diameter x 36 inch length
  • Laid flat - 3 feet x 8 feet x .105 inches


  • 11 pounds with straps attached


  • Low density E-Z glide non-absorbing polyethylene plastic

Temperature range

  • Begins to melt 450° F to 500° F
  • Usability to 120° below zero without becoming brittle

System components

  • HMD Sked stretcher body
  • Removable strap set

This stretcher is designed for use in contaminated areas where it is difficult to maneuver because of the level "A" suits. It is easy to use and allows faster patient loading with less effort. Patients can be decontaminated while on the HMD Sked.

SK-250                        Complete HMD Sked Rescue System with strap kit (Assembled and Rolled)

SK-250-P                    Complete HMD Sked Rescye System with strap kit (On Pallet)

SK-251                        HMD Sked – body only

SK-252                        HMD Strap Kit

SK-253                        HMD Sked Rapid Deployment Case- yellow

SK-2510                      Shuttle Sked Kit, in yellow bag

SK-2511                      Shuttle Sked Rope Kits, in yellow bag

SK-2520                      Complete Skedco/ Skyhook WMD/Haz-mat patient evacuation system

SK-2530                      Skyhook Rope Winch System

SK-2531                      Skyhook Rope Winch Only (w/tripod mount)


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