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Traverse Titan Rescue Stretchers


Traverse StratLoad Attachment Points
The patent-pending StratLoad™ attachment points for the Titan Stretchers allow any size carabiner to be used to attach a lifting bridle while keeping both the carabiners and the lifting bridle on the inside of the stretcher's top rail (where it is protected from abrasion along cliff faces and building walls). The StratLoad™ feature prevents cross gate and side loading of carabiners and orients the direction of pull along the spine of the carabiner where it is strongest. The stainless steel StratLoad™ is 1/4 thick with a full-round radius on the inside edge, allowing a soft-attachment which is then protected by the top railing. The Stratload comes standard on Traverse Titan Stretchers and is available as an option on Titan Ti Stretchers.


Titan Ti

Material: Titanium

Width: 23 in (58cm)

Length: 83 in (211 cm)

Weight: 13 lbs (6 kg)

Load Rating: 2,500 lbs (11kN)

Titan Ti Stretcher

Titan Stretcher

Material: Stainless Steel

Width: 23 in (58cm)

Length 83 in (211 cm)

Weight: 31 lbs (14 kg)

Load Rating: 2,500 lbs (11kN)


Catalog #

726102            Titan Ti Stretcher (Titanium), Tapered

726112            Titan Ti Stretcher (Titanium), w/ Attachment Points

726017            Titan Ti Stretcher (Titanium), Split Apart

726117            Titan Ti Stretcher (Titanium), Split Apart w/ Attachment Points

726100            Titan Stretcher (Stainless Steel), Tapered

726101            Titan Stretcher (Stainless Steel), Rectangular

726103            Titan Stretcher (Stainless Steel), Tapered, Split Apart

726104            Titan Stretcher (Stainless Steel), Rectangular, Split Apart


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