Climbing Tools/Anchoring Devices
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NFPA Rigging Plate

Rigging plates are indispensable and help make setting up a rope system quicker and safer. SMC’s Rigging Plate is half the size of the bigger plates on the market yet is just as strong. Features a single, large circular center hole that accepts numerous connections simultaneously plus five oversized, ovalized holes that are each designed to handle up to 2 large rescue. Holes are individually numbered to make it quick and easy to organize connections. All edges on the SMC Rigging Plate have been contoured so that they are easy on rope, webbing, carabiners and other connectors. CNC machined from ½” thick aircraft quality aluminum and then anodized for quick identification and additional resistance to corrosion. Weighs 11.4 oz, dimensions: 7” x 5.3” x 0.5”. Strength 11,690 lbf – 52kN. Catalog # NFPA130005

NFPA Mini Rigging Plate

The strongest, lightest and most versatile mini-rigging plate on the market! Manufactured on CNC machines using high quality aluminum for strength, durability and corrosion resistance to provide years of reliable service. The SMC Mini-Rigging Plate is designed for use as the collection point for multiple anchors and/or rigging points and can also be used as a belay device. Each hole is sized and shaped to facilitate rigging with locking rescue carabiners. Available in two anodized finishes-Blue or Tactical Black, all markings are lesser engraved. Weighs 2.8 oz, dimensions 3.75” x 2.93” x 0.375”. Strength 8,093 lbf – 36kN.                           Catalog # NFPA130302

NFPA Swivel

The SMC Rescue Swivel is a piece of high performance gear with silky smooth action and a beautiful finish and feel – its exceptional quality is immediately apparent once you pick it up… we’ve seen that most people wont put it down once they have it in their hands! The SMC Rescue Swivel is built around a heat-treated steel axle and a sealed high efficiency ball-bearing to ensure flawless rotation during even prolonged and difficult raises in severe rock, mountain and rescue conditions. The holes are sized to work with rescue carabiners, and allow carabiner lock sleeves to pass through without hanging up. As one of the most compact swivels on the market, it is ideal for confined space rescue and other awkward hauling situations. The sides are smooth and rounded, helping to prevent hanging up on rocks, litters, or other components or structures. Weighs 4.5 oz, dimensions 3.5” x 2.5” x 1.3”. Strength 9,892 lbf – 44kN. Catalog # NFPA136000.

Descending Ring

A useful tool when it is necessary to pull down the rope from the bottom. A Descending Ring is secured at the top of the pitch. The rappel line is doubled through the Descending Ring. The rappeller descends on both lines. Once the bottom is reached, one of the lines is pulled to bring down the entire line. Aluminum ring, no welds. Made in USA.

CAUTION: Never descend on one strand of line when rigged in the above configuration. It will result in falling with severe injury or death.

Diameter 1.5”(38mm)

Strength 3600 lbs.(1636kg)

Weight 1oz.(28g)

Catalog #81600 Descending Ring


Steel “O” Rings

Widely used in stretcher spiders. We also use as a multi directional connection point in Tyroleans (High Lines) or as a movable control point in water rescue. Eliminates twisting in complicated rigging. Hot drop forged for the highest strength. Made in USA.






3” x 1/2”(7.7 x 1.28cm) Ring


25,000 lbs.(11,339kg)


3” x 9/16”(7.7 x 1.44cm) Ring


40,000 lbs.(18,144kg)


Rock Exotica

TriRig – Mini 3 Hole Rigging Plate


Use This Rigging Plate to multiply anchors or anywhere you want to keep your lines orderly. The lightest high performance 3 hole plate. Weighs less than a locking carabiner. Mini 3 Hole Rigging Plate
Weight: 1.79 oz (51 gm).Breaking Strength: 36 kN.

Catalog #RP1 Rock Exotica TriRig Rigging Plate

Catalog #RP1-B Rock Exotica TriRig Rigging Plate (Black)


Pentaplate – Super Light 5 Hole Rigging Plate


Use This Rigging Plate to multiply anchors or anywhere you want to keep your lines orderly. Made from 7075 alloy which makes this rigging plate much lighter than those traditionally made from 6061.

Weight: 3.84 oz (108 gm)Breaking Strength: 36 kN

Catalog #RP2 Rock Exotica Pentaplate Rigging Plate

Catalog #RP2-B Rock Exotica Pentaplate Rigging Plate (Black)


Se7en – Full Size Rigging Plate


Full-sized plate with all the holes you'll need. You can even connect several side-by-side. Relatively light for its size, it's got 7 holes across the top and 5 on the bottom. There are also holes at both sides in the middle. These can be used to connect two or more rigplates together side-by-side if needed. Weight: 13.3 oz (376 gm). Breaking Strength: 36 kN

Catalog #RP3 Rock Exotica Se7en Rigging Plate

Catalog #RP3-B Rock Exotica Se7en Rigging Plate (Black)


UFO – Universal Focusing Object


A new generation of rigging plate allowing you to position in three dimensions. Weight: 16 oz (470 gm). Height/Width: 3.5” (89 mm). Breaking Strength: 36 kN

Catalog #RP21 Rock Exotica UFO Rigging Plate

Catalog #RP21-B Rock Exotica UFO Rigging Plate (Black)



Anchor Plates

The Anchor Plate keeps the carabiners holding the different parts of your rescue system from jamming together. The hardware becomes easier to see, making safety checks more accurate. It can also keep you from clipping a carabiner into the wrong loop of the anchor webbing. Two models: aluminum and stainless steel. Aluminum weight: 6oz.(171g), strength: 10,000 lbs.(4536kg). Stainless steel weight: 16oz.(457g), strength: 13,000 lbs.(5897kg). Hole diameters(both models): small-7/8”(2.2cm), large-2 1/4”(5.8cm).

Catalog #300600 CMC Aluminum Anchor Plate

Catalog #300605 CMC Stainless Steel Anchor Plate


Anchor Plate

This Anchor Plate has the extra fifth hole needed for stretcher operations. The exclusive central slot can be used as a brake plate for 1/2”(12.5mm) ropes. It also works with
1 3/4”(4.5cm) webbing straps. Strength 11,000 lbs.(4990kg). Size: 6” x 7”(15x18cm). Weight 8oz.(229g).

Catalog #603210 RSI Anchor Plate



A new concept in spring loaded, cammable nuts which are versa­tile to place, easy to clean and they work well in both vertical and horizontal placements. They also work well in conventional chock placements, solution holes and shallow slots and cracks since they only require 3/4”(19mm) of depth. Made in USA.


Expansion Range







1850 lbs.(840kg)



7/8”-1 3/16”(22-30mm)


2500 lbs.(1136kg)



1 3/16”-1 1/2”(30-38mm)


2500 lbs.(1136kg)



1 1/2”-2”(38-51mm)


2500 lbs.(1136kg)



2”-2 1/2”(51-64mm)


2500 lbs.(1136kg)



Cable Ladder

Cable Ladders have been used by cavers for years due to their light weight and compact size. Two strong 1/8” (3.17mm) steel cables comprise the sides and the 6”(14.5cm) wide rungs are made of aluminum. The ladder can be rolled for ease of trans­port or storage. Two or more Cable Ladders can be hooked together for longer pitches.

CAUTION: Always belay climbers on Cable Ladders as there is no mechanical connection between the climber and the ladder.

· Strength 1320 lbs. (600kg)

· Weight 3 lbs. 10oz. (1.7kg) for 30’(9.2m) length

Weight 6 lbs. 15oz. (3.2kg) for 50’(15.2m) length

Catalog #435012 Cable Ladder 30’ Long

Catalog #435011 Cable Ladder 50’ Long

Fiffi Hook

Fiffi Hooks are used as a remote rope retrieval device. A small cord is connected to the small hole on the top of the Fiffi Hook. The rappel rope is attached to the large hole on the bottom. When the rappel is over a slight pull on the small cord will cause the Fiffi to unhook, and the rope will fall to the ground. This device is widely used by window cleaners for derigging after cleaning glass on a building with a cornice or overhang. Test strength 400 lbs. (181kg). Weight 1.5oz.(42g). Made in Italy.

Catalog #432465 Fiffi Hook



Sky Hook

Simple hook style hanger. Sewn on nylon sling, it has two clip in points. The steel hook has a chisel point to take advantage of cracks and uneven surfaces. This is a direct aid tool and it is not designed to take a fall. Made in France.

·    Strength 770 lbs.(350kg)

·    Weight 1.8oz.(51g)

·    Color varies

Catalog #P06 Sky Hook


Grappling Hook

An American-made grappling hook made with five tines of 4140 chrome-moly steel. Each tine is heat treated and will withstand loads of up to 2000 lbs.(907kg). The tines are designed to bend before breaking. The center support is a 1/2” forged eye bolt that tests in excess of 12,000 lbs.(5443kg). Finished with a super tough coating of black baked-on epoxy for long life. Weight 3 lbs 2oz.(1.43kg). Height 12”(30.8cm). Diameter 8 1/2”(21.8cm) Made in USA.

Important note: Do not consider a grappling hook to be a primary means of life support. Rather it is considered to be an extendible, extra pair of hands, not to be used as a life support tool.

Catalog #GRHK Grappling Hook Only

Catalog #GRHKDB Grappling Hook Bag Only