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Inova Police and Tactical Series


Tactical and Police Models T1-T5 (pictured left to right)


T1 1.5 watt LED Flashlight

·       Palm-sized with end-switch control that fits easily in your pocket

·      4.59“ length x 0.98” diameter

·      150 foot effective range

·      One 123A lithium battery included


T2 2 watt LED Flashlight

·      Five hour burn time with a longer range than the T2

·      5.9“ length x 0.98” diameter

·      200 foot effective range

·      Two 123A lithium batteries included


T3 3.2 watt LED Flashlight

·      Two hour burn time

·      6.25“ length x 0.98” diameter

·      250 foot effective range

·      Two 123A lithium batteries included


T4 4 watt LED Flashlight

·      2 hour burn time with lithium ion battery

·      300 foot effective range

·      8.0“ length x 1.1” diameter

·      Includes charger cradle plus power supplies for AC and DC charging

·      Mid-body switch perfect for an officer’s service light

·      Can fully recharge in 3 hours

T4 Rechargeable LED Flashlight

T5 4 watt LED Flashlight

·      3 hour burn time

·      8.75“ length x 1.1” diameter

·      300 foot effective range

·      Three 123A lithium batteries included



Inova 24/7 LED Light


Multi-function performance — the INOVA 24/7 integrates eight steady and signal light functions in less than 3"x2"x1". The 24/7 projects pure light up to 75' and offers up to 2-mile signal visibility from LED lamps powered by a best-in-class lithium battery (up to 15,000 hours of power).

Multi-mode operation — the 24/7 is freestanding and clips to clothing, gear and accessories for enhanced hands-free operation. Ultrasonically-sealed polymer construction and recessed lamp design qualify the shockproof, water resistant 24/7 for extreme environments. One smart tool — countless uses.

Available with magnetic base, neck lanyard, wall mount, or headlamp package


Inova 24/7 LED Light


Inova X-1 LED Light


Compact — The X1 delivers X Series’ uncompromising lighting performance, reliability and durability in a sleek design just 3.9" long by .72" diameter that fits easily in pockets, briefcases, toolboxes and more.

Powerful performance — The X1 projects a uniform circular beam up to 65' and offers up to 1-mile signal visibility. Power regulating circuitry provides maximum, non-dimming brightness for up to 10 hours.

Thorough quality — The crush-proof, water resistant X1 is designed, engineered and manufactured to provide reliable operation in extreme environments.

 With its 65' effective range, 1-mile signal visibility and operational range of -40° to +50° C, the X1 is the optimum light machine in its class.



Inova X-1 LED Light




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