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Streamlight Scorpion

The compact, powerful Scorpion lithium flashlight features a high pressured 120 PSI Xenon gas lamp for hi-power light output. Weighs only 4.4oz.(126g). An adjustable beam head lets you easily take this flashlight from spot to flood. The thermoplastic rubber armored sleeve handle gives you a sure grip. A triple action switch at the tail cap makes it easy to turn the light from off to momentary to on in just one push, and the switch operates independent of focusing action, giving you the ability to set the focus and maintain it. The Scorpion is constructed of virtually indestructible aircraft aluminum with a silicon coated scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens. It also has water-resistant O-ring sealed joints for all-weather use. Comes with a spare bulb in the lamp holder and two 3-volt lithium batteries. One hour minimum of continuous use. Color: black. 4.9”L x 1.75”W(13 x 4.5cm).

Catalog #85000 Streamlight Scorpion

Catalog #85914 Replacement Bulb

Catalog #DL123A Replacement Lithium Battery

Dual Beam Headlamp

Dual Beam Headlamp System

Compact, lightweight (5.8oz.) and completely sealed, this is the best headlamp around. Made of a high-strength fiberglass-nylon composite shell, tempered glass lenses and quad rings for waterproofing. The highest quality halogen bulbs with mirrored reflectors are used for brightness and efficient use of the battery. Available with bulb combinations of 5w, 12w, 20w, or 35w bulbs available. (35w bulbs for underwater use only). Various beam widths are also available. Special Scuba cable connectors can be added to any headlamp if extended underwater or deep diving use is anticipated. Dual beam combination of 5 watt narrow flood and 12 watt narrow spot for a light that can last all night on one battery, the 5 watt narrow flood is recommended. 15+ hours with any of the endurance batteries provides all the light you need for an all night search. The 12 watt narrow spot provides long distance illumination to 1000+ feet. It has a sustained burn time of 5 hours, longer with intermittent use. Amber colored lenses are available for use in smoke or fog. For extra illumination a 20 watt narrow flood can be used in place of a 5 watt narrow flood. The wide beam of a 20 watt narrow flood can light an entire emergency scene, and has a 3 hour continuous burn time with an endurance battery. The 12 watt/20 watt headlamp is the standard unit, other combinations are available as options. 4 way rotary switch with spot, flood, both bulbs, and OFF. This switch allows for the light to be switched to the various positions when the battery pack is stowed in a backpack. All battery packs have the main ON/OFF switch on the battery so that the battery can be unplugged underwater. The headlamp is set-up with a quick release mounting clip that allows for easy removal from the helmet during the day or for use of the headlamp as a hand held light. Full-Range Electronic Dimmer Control enables the user to control the level of brightness and save on burn times. The dimmer can be permanently installed inside the battery pack or a removable dimmer can be plugged in between the headlamp and the battery pack. Weight: 4.5 lbs.(2kg) with charger.

All systems come with a standard 110 volt overnight charger that will recharge a fully discharged battery in 12-14 hours.

12v dc/110v ac Field Smart/Quick Charger: This is a negative delta V charger that takes 2-4 hours to recharge a fully discharged battery. Automatically switches to a “trickle charge” mode when the battery is fully charged. This is truly a plug it in and forget it charger!

Catalog #2185 Dual Beam Premium Light System

Catalog #1006 12v dc/110v ac Quick Charger

Catalog #0507 Replacement 5w Narrow Spot 7°

Catalog #1207 Replacement 12w Narrow Spot 7°

Catalog #2010 Replacement 20w Spot 10°

Catalog #2017 Replacement 20w Narrow Flood 17°

Catalog #2030 Replacement 20w Flood 30°

Catalog #6002 Helmet Mount with Velcro Wrap Straps

Catalog #6003 Hard-Shell Bolt-On Helmet Mount

Catalog #6006 Adjustable Neoprene Headband Mount w/Chin Strap

Catalog #6007 EXO-26 Full-Face Mask Mount

Catalog #6009 AGA Full-Face Mask Mount


Cyclops Premium Light System

This single beam offers the highest quality single bulb, helmet mounted system on the market! The battery pack is contained in a belt pouch which can be held on with the belt loops. The bulb is a 10 watt, 10 degree narrow spot, 3000 hour, high reliability type, custom designed for the light. The Cyclops uses a rechargeable industrial grade NiCad battery. Burn time is 3 hours 20 minutes. The light is bright for the entire burn time, and is capable of 800-1000 charge cycles. Use the mounts listed in the Dual Beam Headlamp description.

Catalog #2220 Cyclops Premium Light System

Catalog #1007 Replacement 10w Narrow Spot 10°

Headlite II

Headlite II

Designed and produced for the United States Navy for use in damage control, search and rescue, and other emergency responses, the Headlite II meets DI-T 4902 and MIL-STD 831 specifications. Designed to be rugged and water tight, the Headlite II will survive rain exposure and surface dunking in fresh or salt water. Runs on 4 AA batteries. Battery case can be removed to change batteries without disconnecting from headlamp or removing headlamp from helmet. Switch, vertical elevation adjustment, and battery case are designed for operation while wearing gloves. Tested for use in methane/air atmosphere. The Headlite II has a rubber head strap, known for its ability to grip the helmet. Batteries not included. Color: Yellow. Weight (with batteries) 11oz.(314g). Made in USA.

Catalog #126250 Headlite II


Rescue Mate™ Rescue Light

Stearns Rescue Mate

The brightest constant beam PFD light in its class. Operates on four replaceable AA alkaline or lithium batteries. Lightweight molded case is durable and waterproof.

·    Two rescue beams, 15º vertical and 360º horizontal

·    Complete with fastening pin

·    Integrated on/off switch

·    Provides up to 14 hours of light

·    Color: Orange

·    Weight 7oz.(200g)

Catalog #I900 Rescue Mate™ Rescue Light

Emergency Strobe

Emergency Strobe

This small, lightweight, Emergency Strobe runs on a single D cell battery, and is visible for up to 3 miles(4.8km). It uses a Xenon bulb that generates a continuous 7500 volt pulse of light at a rate of 60 to 70 flashes per minute for up to 16 hours, and continues to flash for more than 60 hours at a diminished rate. The 180 degree focused plastic dome allows for the full impact of the 300,000 candle power light source. Its positive lock sliding on/off switch is easy to use while wearing gloves, or in wet conditions. The Emergency Strobe utilizes a spring assisted inner base which insures constant battery contact during rough use. It has a gasket sealed lens cover which makes the unit waterproof to 15 feet(4.5m). There is also a stainless steel locking pin for affixing the unit to a PFD, backpack, jacket, etc. The light is a U.S.C.G. approved 161.012 PFD light, and meets all S.O.L.A.S. 74/83 requirements. Weight 3.5oz.(100g).

Catalog #lzk-404 Emergency Strobe

Catlalog #lzk-404a Amber Lens Only

Catalog #lzk-404b Blue Lens Only

Catalog #lzk-404g Green Lens Only

Catalog #lzk-404m Magnetic Base Only


Flash-Safe™ PFD Strobe Light

Stearns Flash-Safe Strobe Light

Flash-Safe™ strobe is engineered to exceed toughest maritime standards. Powered by three replaceable AA alkaline or lithium batteries. Provides over 8 hours of continuous flash to signal rescue personnel.

·    Recessed magnetic reed switch

·    Lightweight, compact design

·    Integrated, state-of-the-art circuit for reliability

·    Color: Orange

·    USCG Approved, complies with SOLAS 83 requirements

·    Weight 3oz.(86g)

Catalog #I910 Flash-Safe™ Strobe Light


ACR FireFly II

FireFly II™ Strobe Light

The FireFly II™ packs a strobe light with 250,000 peak lumens in a small package measuring only 4”Hx2.2”Wx1”T(10x6x3cm). It is ideally suited for use as a personal flotation device light, an immersion suit light, and a light for marker applications. It will flash at about 60 flashes per minute for at least 8 hours using two standard AA alkaline batteries. A tough polycarbonate case with an “O” ring sealed battery compartment makes this unit rugged and waterproof. A sparkproof sliding magnetic switch allows the FireFly II™ to be safely used in emergency situations where combustible liquids and vapors are often found. Visibility exceeds one nautical mile on a clear night. Meets U.S.C.G. 161.012 and S.O.L.A.S. 74/83 requirements. Color: black. Weight 3oz.(86g). Made in USA.

Catalog #FFII FireFly II™ Strobe Light

SOS Rescue Light

SOS Rescue Light

This inexpensive, imported strobe is waterproof to 40 meters(131’). The xenon gas light runs up to 28 hours on a single, alkaline C-cell. The SOS Rescue Light comes with a hook and loop strap for attachment to your arm, leg, pack or PFD. Its small size and light weight make it easy to pack, carry or wear. Battery not included. Weight 6oz.(171g).

Catalog #RL-2 SOS Rescue Light

Visibility Systems

Lightman™ Strobe Light

Lightman Strobe Light

Perfect for any situation in which you need to be seen-whether you are stuck in your vehicle, lost in the woods, or jogging at night. Lightman™ is easy to use: just push the button on the base and select one of the four mounting adapters. It can be seen for up to 3 miles(5km), flashes 80+ times per minute and will operate for 3-6 hours on two AA batteries or 4-6 hours on two AA lithium batteries (batteries not included). The kit comes complete with strobe light; blue, clear, green, orange or red lens; four mounting adapters-belt/visor clip, suction cup, magnet and eyelet; and a drawstring pouch. Made in USA.

Catalog #LMB Lightman Strobe Light, Blue Lens

Catalog #LMC Lightman Strobe Light, Clear Lens

Catalog #LMG Lightman Strobe Light, Green Lens

Catalog #LMO Lightman Strobe Light, Orange Lens

Catalog #LMR Lightman Strobe Light, Red Lens

Grace Industries

Lite Tracker™ 1

Lite Tracker 1

Lite Tracker™ is a bright flashing visual indicator that allows instant recognition of personnel. This device utilizes a proprietary light multiplying principle that offers high visibility from all directions. This small, lightweight device is easily attached to clothing, helmets or belts and can be seen at a distance of one mile or greater. Lite Tracker™ is built to precision standards and is made of tough polycarbonate plastic, an extremely durable material that maintains excellent strength and optical qualities. Push button activated, or water activated models Waterproof. Ready to use, equipped with alkaline batteries. Weight 2oz.(57g). Made in USA.

Catalog #LTG Lite Tracker Push Button w/Belt Clip

Catalog #LTGC Lite Tracker Push Button w/Clip, Clamp & D Ring

Catalog #LTD Lite Tracker Water Activated w/Belt Clip

Catalog #LTDC Lite Tracker Water Activated w/Clip, Clamp & D Ring

Catalog #LTDH Lite Tracker Water Activated w/Ratchet Style Hose Clamp

Safety Lights

The ultimate safety lights for visibility at rescue operations and traffic management. Three models from which to choose. The #XENCLIP is a super bright Xenon light design. Lightweight: 3.5oz.(100g). Run time: 12 hours. Bulb type: Xenon bulb, 3000 hours rated life. Flash rate: 2-2.5 flashes per second. Clothing clip is detachable. Lens color: clear. The #LED5L is a super bright LED design with flashing or steady modes. Lightweight: 3.5oz.(100g). 200 hours of continuous operation when flashing, 80 hours when steady. Visible up to 3000 feet(915m). Detachable clothing clip. Weatherproof. Lens color: red. The #LED5SR is a super bright LED design with flashing or steady modes. Lightweight: 1.5oz.(43g). 200 hours of continuous operation. Visible up to 2000 feet(610m). Clothing clip. Weatherproof. Lens color: red.

Catalog #XENCLIP Safety Strobe Light

Catalog #LED5L Safety Light Large

Catalog #LED5SR Safety Light Small

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