Lights- Carbide
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            Carbide or acetylene lamps have been a long time favorite with many cavers due to their strong dependable light. Carbide lamps also are very economical to use as you get hours of light from pennies worth of calcium carbide. The lamps work by dripping water (H2O) on to calcium carbide (CaC2) which react together to produce acetylene (C2H2) gas and waste product. The gas is ignited at the jet, producing a bright, clean light. The spent carbide should be removed from caves. Spent carbide is unsightly and does nothing for the beauty of caves. It is also toxic to cave life.



Junior Carbide Lamp

The caver needs a reliable helmet‑mounted lamp which lights up the whole field of vision. The Petzl carbide‑only Junior lighting unit is suited to the above needs. It features a reliable piezo­electric igniter which allows the flame to be lit instantly. It has a built‑in parabolic reflector to put the light where you want it. Use with acetylene generator E50 listed in this section. Weight 5.7oz.(160g). Made in France.

Catalog #E07 Junior Carbide Lamp



The Petzl Lazer combines carbide light with a high tech electric light. It is not affected by waterfalls or droughts. The focusable electric light provides a beam of light for distant objects. The carbide provides a softer, diffused light for general navigation and movement. Features a piezo‑electric ignition spring‑loaded parabolic reflector and mount allows the light to absorb unexpected blows. Electric light uses a 4.5 volt flat battery, or three AA cells with optional adapter. Batteries not included. Use with E50 acetylene generator listed in this section. Weight 8.8oz.(250g). Made in France.

Catalog #E30 Lazer Light

Catalog #E06 Optional Battery Adapter

Catalog #MN1203 4.5 V Flat Battery


Ariane Acetylene Generator

The plastic Acetylene Gas Generator is light and durable. Cylindrical body does not catch or jam, and the waist‑mount allows a great range of motion. Holds 7oz.(200g) of carbide and will generate gas for up to 8 hours. Weight 14oz.(396g). Made in France.

Catalog #E50 Ariane Gas Generator