Lights - Chemical

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Cyalume Chemical Lightsticks

This system of chemical illumination differs from other light sources in that it converts energy released in a chemical reaction to light, without heat, flame or spark. It is wind and explosion proof. The chemicals in Cyalume Lightsticks are non-toxic. The safety and convenience of Cyalume Lightsticks cannot be duplicated by any other source of illumination in use today.

Cyalume lightsticks are finding many important uses in fire, police and emergency medical services because of their great versatility and safety. Cyalumes produce a cold light and they cannot cause a fire or explosion. Use them as warning lights at auto accidents and haz-mat incidents. They are wind and waterproof. Many divers use them as safety lights. No batteries are required or fuel are required, and they are ready when you are. Its long shelf life is over 3 times the life of an alkaline battery in a flashlight. Cyalume Lightsticks are widely used as helicopter landing lights due to their light weight, low cost, and high visibility. *NOTE: There is a $3.00 surcharge for broken cases in all orders*

6" (15cm) LIGHTSTICKS, 2 oz. (57g) - $1.25 per lightstick


12 Hr. Red (Catalog #9-27054)

12 Hr. Orange (Catalog #9-27019)

12 Hr. Yellow (Catalog #9-27020)

12 Hr. Green (Catalog #9-27017)

8 Hr. Blue (Catalog #9-27077)

8 Hr. White (Catalog #9-27078)

30 Min. High-Intensity Red (Catalog #9-27063)

30 Min. High-Intensity Yellow (Catalog #9-27061)

30 Min. High-Intensity White (Catalog #9-27021)

5 Min. Ultra High-Intensity Orange (Catalog #9-27022)


S.O.S. LIGHTSTICK w/ LANYARD, 5 oz. (140g) - $6.00 per lightstick


8 Hr. Green (Catalog #9-27780)

5 Min. Ultra High-Intensity Orange (Catalog #9-27781)

3" (8cm) GLOWING CIRCLE, 1 oz. (29g) - $1.75 per circle

4 Hr. Green (Catalog #9-27203)

4 Hr. Blue (Catalog #9-27205)

4 Hr. Red (Catalog #9-27207)

4 Hr. Yellow (Catalog #9-27209)

4 Hr. Orange (Catalog #9-27211)                            

15" (38cm) SELF ACTIVATING WAND, 5 oz. (143g) - $135.00 per 20 wands, min. order of 20 wands

12 Hr. Green (Catalog #9-27160)

8 Hr. Blue (Catalog #9-27161)

12 Hr. Red (Catalog #9-27163)

12 Hr. Yellow (Catalog #9-27162)

8 Hr. White (Catalog #9-27164)

1.5" (4cm) MINI LIGHTSTICK, 0.5 oz. (14g) - $0.59 per lightstick

6 hr. Red (Catalog #9-28203)

6 Hr. Yellow (Catalog #9-28202)

6 Hr. Green (Catalog #9-28200)

6 Hr. Blue (Catalog #9-28201)

PERSONAL MARKER LIGHT, 2oz. (57g) - $6.50 per light


Green (Catalog #9-27058)




Cone Adapter, $6.95 each (Catalog #ABC)

Magnetic Base, $3.00 each (Catalog #9-27092)


Metal Stake, $0.49 each (Catalog #995270-93)

Directional Handle, $3.00 each (Catalog #9-27102)

Light Shield, $2.00 each (Catalog #9-27110)


Traffic Management Clips, $0.25 each (Catalog #95293-03)


Trip Flare, $9.95 each (Catalog #9-27108)


6" (15cm) Lightstick (Catalog #9-27502)

1.5" (4cm) Mini Lightstick (Catalog #9-28010)

15" (38cm) Self Activating Wand - Lots of 20 (Catalog #9-27145)


SNAPLIGHT Emergency Evacuation System

An emergency can strike anytime - and when it does, you need the Snaplight Emergency Evacuation System. The S.E.E. System is an evacuation system, designed to operate even if all else fails. It provides dependable, instantaneous, intrinsically safe light without electricity or batteries.

Each S.E.E. System unit contains two two-hour, high intensity lightsticks, specially developed by Omniglow Corporation for use in the S.E.E. System. These lightsticks generate no heat or sparks (and therefore will not cause an explosion even in the presence of gas or volatile fumes), are non-toxic, require no foil wrapper and activate instanteously at the pull of a lever. S.E.E. System lightsticks have a 4-year shelf life.

Each S.E.E. System unit has a photoluminescent panel that is immediately visible in the dark. In the event of a blackout, employees can locate the S.E.E. System unit by the glowing green photoluminescent panel. The S.E.E. System is dependable and just about fool proof. All you have to do to activate the lightsticks is pull the the handle toward your body. The lightsticks will activate immediately. Take one and vacate the premises. Leave one behind as a stationary light source.

S.E.E. System Starter Pack (Catalog #9-08500) - Contains 10 S.E.E. System Units, 20 S.E.E. System Lightsticks, 40 #6 Wood Screws, Tamper-evident Labels, Installation and Use Instructions, and 2 Free Demonstration Lightsticks. $199 per case for 1-4 cases, $189 per case for 5-9 cases, $175 per case for 10+ cases.

S.E.E. System Refill Lightsticks (Catalog #9-08502) - 20 Lightsticks per Box. $40 per box for 1-4 boxes, $38 per box for 5-9 boxes, $35 per box for 10+ boxes.