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Evac Systems


Top quality bags and packs designed specifically for your rescue application! Call for availability and colors.

Model Number

Model Name



High Angle Rescue Pack

18L x 12 W x 24H


Search and Rescue Pack

10L x 9 W x24H


Deluxe Search and Rescue Pack

10L x 9 W x 31H


Confined Space Deluxe Rescue Pack

18L x 12W x 24H


Pre-rig Back Pack

10L x 9W x 31H

Model #evac 302 Shown



Rope Bags

Stuff Sacks for Storing and Deploying Ropes

The use of rope bags will prolong the life span of any rope by keeping sunlight, chemicals, dirt and other forms of contamination off the rope. Six sizes, two types, five colors, and two shoulder strap arrangements along with special order custom labeling offers the widest range of quality rope bags in the industry. All bags have a drawstring closure with a barrel lock at the top. We use a beefy 5/8(16mm), brass grommet in the bottoms which will accommodate all commonly encountered rope diameters.


1. Select a letter code which describes the style of bag you desire.

B = Cordura Bag (1000 dn 11oz. coated)

2. Select the size bag for your length and size of rope

1005= 100 feet(30m) of 1/2(12.5mm); 75 feet(23m) of 5/8(16mm)

1505= 150 feet(45m) of 1/2(12.5mm); 100 feet(30m) of 5/8(16mm)

2505= 250 feet(76m) of 1/2(12.5mm); 175 feet(53m) of 5/8(16mm)

3005= 300 feet(91m) of 1/2(12.5mm); 225 feet(68m) of 5/8(16mm)

3505= 350 feet(106m) of 1/2(12.5mm); 275 feet(84m) of 5/8(16mm)

6005= 600 feet(183m) of 1/2(12.5mm); 500 feet(152m) of 5/8(16mm)

3. Tell us how many shoulder straps you want

0= Hand loops at top (side on double ended)

1= One shoulder strap [2(5cm) black webbing]

2= Two shoulder straps [2(5cm) black webbing]

3=Two shoulder straps and hand loops.

4. Tell us which color

B= Black

O= Orange

R= Red

Y= Yellow

NB= Navy Blue

5. Other Options

W= Clear pocket on side to hold rope ID Card

L= Custom labeling (special order)

For example a standard Cordura bag (B) to hold 300 feet of 1/2 rope (3005) with two shoulder straps (2) orange color (O) would be catalog number B3005-2-O.

Rope bag weights will vary. Figure on an average weight of 12oz.(343g). Made in USA.

Rope and Equipment Bags

Rope and Equipment Bags

Keep rope and equipment in one convenient location, ready to go when you are. Basic model has one equipment compartment. Deluxe model has three equipment compartments. All bags have a generous rope compartment in three useful sizes. Equipment compartment has a detachable chain to keep the tools of the trade readily accessible. Additional two compartments on the deluxe bags are used to hold rope pads or rollers. All have 2(5cm) shoulder straps. An optional clear rope history card window is available. Same colors and materials as the standard rope bags. Sizes are based on 1/2(12.5mm) rope. Small holds 150(45m). Weight 16oz.(457g). Medium holds 200(68m). Weight 21oz.(600g). Large holds 300(91m). Weight 26oz.(742g). Made in USA.

Catalog #BRE150-XX Small Rope and Equipment Bag with One Strap

Catalog #BRE200-XX Medium Rope and Equipment Bag with One Strap

Catalog #BRE300-XX Large Rope and Equipment Bag with Two Straps

Catalog #DBRE300-3-XX Deluxe Rope and Equipment Bag (Large) w/3 Pockets

XX is replaced for color or specification. See above for color codes to be used.

W is added to end of catalog number for optional clear rope history card window.

Equipment Bags

Standard and Mini Equipment Bags

The MB-1101 & MB-1102 are the perfect camera/small equipment bags. The bags have a main compartment and two outside pockets. Also, there is a welded steel D-ring at each end of the bag for optional shoulder strap and pad. There are two different sized bags. The MB-1101 measures 13.5L x 5.5W x 8H (35x14x21cm) and weighs 16oz.(457g). The MB-1102 measures 10L x 4.5W x 6H (26x12x15cm) and weighs 11oz.(314g). Dimensions exclude outside pockets. Color: black.

Catalog #MB-1101 Standard Equipment Bag

Catalog #MB-1102 Mini Equipment Bag

Rope Bag

Rope Bag

The Rope Bag was developed in co-op with several government agencies to meet various rappelling situations. The Rope Bag can be worn on the leg, attached to the waist, or carried over the shoulder. The outside pocket has room to hold lead rope, carabiners and descenders, and a loop is sewn at the bottom of the bag for rope attachment. An additional pocket is for the shoulder or waist strap. Quick disconnect leg straps allow you to discard the bag when you hit the ground. Regular Rope Bag holds 150(46m) of 11mm rope and weighs 1 lb.(.5kg). The Large Rope Bag holds 200(61m) of 11mm rope and weighs 1.3 lbs.(.6kg). Available in black only

Catalog #RB-R Rope Bag-Regular

Catalog #RB-L Rope Bag-Large

Custom Bag Labeling

Identify the contents of your rope equipment bags at a glance; one inch high legends permanently attached to the bag. We also offer a set of three hauling system illustrations, 2:1, 3:1, and 4:1 as shown on page 94. No set up charge, no minimum quantity and best of all no wait. Your legend can be affixed and shipped in a matter of hours. Up to six lines (equipment bags 3 lines) and up to 18 letters per line. To order specify your choice of words (or illustrations) by line. Illustrations count as 3 lines. Custom bag labels can only be applied to orange, yellow or red bags. To order, specify your wording by line. See page 77 for rope bag selection.


Stuff Sacks and Equipment Bags

Small, lightweight, sacks for storing and organizing equipment. Small 3 x 3 x 8(7.6 x 7.6 x 20cm). Medium 4 x 4 x 9(10 x 10 x 23cm). Large 5 x 5 x 11(13 x 13 x 28cm). X Large 6 x 6 x 18(15 x 15 x 38cm). Drawstring closure with barrel lock. Colors will be at our option and material may vary from time to time. Weight will vary. Figure 1oz.(28g) each .

Equipment and stretcher spider bags are made of 11 ounce coated Cordura. Colors are: orange, black, red, and yellow. Equipment bag is 11(31cm) by 12(34cm) high, weight 6.4oz.(182g). Useful for transporting pulleys, carabiners or other heavier equipment. The Stretcher Spider bag is 8(20cm) by 9.5(24cm) high, weight 4.5oz.(128g). An ideal size for stretcher harnesses (spiders) and accessories. Made in USA.

Catalog #7050SS Small Stuff Sack

Catalog #7052SS Medium Stuff Sack

Catalog #7054SS Large Stuff Sack

Catalog #7056SS X-Large Stuff Sack

Catalog #B14-XX Equipment Bag

Catalog #724102-XX Stretcher Spider Bag

XX is replaced for color selection.

Examples of Custom Labeled Bags


Stuff Sacks and Equipment Bags





A-III Back Pack

A-III Back Pack

If you demand quality, versatility and durability in a medium size soft pack, then the A-III is for you. It is the finest medium sized zippered frameless pack. Built with heavy duty 11oz. abrasion resistant Cordura nylon. Stitched with E-69 bonded nylon thread. Uses a heavy duty #10 YKK zipper on the main compartment and top quality Fastex buckles. For comfort, the A-III has a padded back, padded shoulder harness, and a removable waist belt. Other features include 28(72cm) removable sleeping bag straps, 16(41cm) removable cargo straps, and a removable chest strap. Colors: black, olive drab. Weight 3.2 lbs.(1.5kg).

Catalog #A-III-P Back Pack

Harness Buddy

Harness Buddy

Accessory pouch designed to be used with harness or belt. Ideal for carrying rappel equipment or as an EMT holster. Fits on any harness or belt up to 2(5cm) wide. Use alice clips to mount on military style webwear. Made of 11oz. coated Cordura in the following colors: black, red, orange, and yellow (black and red are stocked, other colors are special order). Harness Buddy has four pockets 8(20cm) by 5.5(14cm) . Weight is 2.8oz.(80g). It also features an attachment point for gloves and elastics on both sides. It can carry rappelling and ascending gear. Ample room for one large figure eight. two large carabiners, a pair of ascenders, two 20(6m) lengths of webbing (or accessory cord) and gloves in the elastic loops. Made in USA.

B - Black R - Red NB - Navy Blue O - Orange Y - Yellow

Catalog #KTG-II-4-XX Harness Buddy(replace XX w/color)


Bucket- Fabric pack, remains upright

  • Pack remains upright and has an exterior folding lid system that allows easy access to the contents of the bag
  • External zippered pocket for personal effects
  • Transparent external window for sliding an equipment identification card
  • Two large, comfortable carrying handles
  • Adjustable webbing for carrying bandolier style
  • Interior ring can be used as attachment point for rope
  • Bottom is lined for longer wear
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Available in 25 Liters (525g & 38 cm) or 35 Liters (630g & 53cm)

Catalog # S41Y 025 Bucket 25 Liters (525g & 38cm)

Catalog #.S41Y 035 Bucket 35 Liters (630 g & 53cm)

Lost Creek


Lost Creek Packs are made of nylon ballistics cloth, so you know they will stand up to mud, and abuse. They have double bottoms with grommeted drain holes. The top has a drawstring closure with barrel lock. Two internal pockets for rappel racks or similar sized items. Includes adjustable 2(5cm) straps. Can be worn as a backpack, or by rearranging the straps as a waist mounted pack. These good looking simple to use packs are built to last. Made in USA.






Monster T.A.G.




3 lbs.(1.4kg)





2.8 lbs.(1.3kg)





2.5 lbs.(1.2kg)

Flint Ridge




2.2 lbs.(1kg)

Side Kick




2.5 lbs.(1.2kg)


Catalog #LC01 Monster T.A.G.

Catalog #LC01 - 1 T.A.G.

Catalog #LC02 Mini T.A.G.

Catalog #LC03 Flint Ridge

Catalog #LC05 Side Kick