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Medical & First Aid Videos

A New Look at Cold Water Near Drowning

A NEW LOOK AT COLD WATER NEAR DROWNING, produced by Concepts Systems Inc. A close look at drowning for the first responder or anyone who works or plays on or near the water. This tape vividly portrays the miraculous advances that have been made in the survival of victims submerged up to 60 minutes. It explains in understandable language the implications of hypothermia and the mammalian dive reflex when dealing with sudden immersion victims. 30 minutes. VHS format. Weight 1 lb.(.5kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #ANLCWNDVHS A New Look at Cold Water Near Drowning Video

Hypothermia The Cold Facts

HYPOTHERMIA THE COLD FACTS, produced by the Minnesota Sea Grant. An excellent video to show the effects of cold on human physiology. Provides an in depth review of what happens when the body core temperature begins to drop. Highly recommended for anyone who works or plays in the outdoors. 35 minutes. VHS format. Weight 1 lb.(.5kg).

Catalog #HTCFVHS Hypothermia The Cold Facts Video

Cold, Wet and Alive

COLD, WET & ALIVE, produced by The American Canoe Association. It takes a look at a day’s canoe trip that almost ends in disaster. A very good overview of hypothermia and its effects on sports people. 23 minutes. VHS format. Weight 1 lb.(.5kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #CWAVHS‑RENT Cold, Wet and Alive Video


Roco Rescue Video Series

Part #

Video Name

Running Time


Complete Set of 9 Roco Videos




15 minutes


Rescue Lowering Systems: An Overview

10 minutes


Rescue Lowering Systems: Single Line Lowers

9 minutes


Rescue Lowering Systems: Double Line Lowers

10 minutes


Rescue Hauling Systems: Simple Mechanical Advantage

14 minutes


Rescue Hauling Systems: Compound Mechanical Advantage

9 minutes


Packaging: Backboards and Body Harnesses

8 minutes


Packaging: The Stokes Basket

10 minutes


Packaging: The Sked Litter

10 minutes


The High Rope Tech Video Series Produced by RAM Art Productions

Volume I, Introduction to Rope Rescue

INTRODUCTION TO ROPE RESCUE introduces various pieces of equipment necessary for rope rescue. It explains the principle of “safe working load”, and discusses general safety procedures that need to be followed at rescue scenes. Equipment discussed includes: rope, webbing, harnesses, carabiners, pulleys, descent and ascent devices, etc. Patient care concerns in the vertical environment are also discussed.

Catalog #IRRV1VHS Introduction to Rope Rescue

Volume II, Knots and Hitches

KNOTS AND HITCHES demonstrates how to tie various knots and hitches and their uses. Knots covered include the bowline, figure “8” family, double fisherman’s, butterfly and prusik. A discussion of efficiency concludes the tape.

Catalog #KHV2VHS Knots and Hitches

Volume III, Friction Devices and Rappelling

FRICTION DEVICES AND RAPPELLING explains in detail the most popular types of friction devices, and their uses in rescue. The difference between fixed and moving brakes and their applications are discussed. A short introduction to rappelling concludes the tape.

Catalog #BDRV3VHS Friction Devices and Rappelling

Volume IV, Rigging Part 1

RIGGING PART I introduces basic rigging techniques. It explains the tensionless tie off and its applications. The proper way to select and use anchor points is covered in detail. Data concerning loading as a function of angle is also presented.

Catalog #RV4P1VHS Rigging Part 1

Volume V, Patient Packaging Part 1

PATIENT PACKAGING delves into the very reason that rescue is different from recreation. If our intervention does not improve the patient’s condition, then we have failed as rescuers. Patient priorities and ways to deal with them in the vertical environment are discussed. The use of patient stabilization devices such as backboards, body splints and stretchers are demonstrated. This volume is taught at the BLS level and is important for all rescuers.

Catalog # PPV5P1VHS Patient Packaging Part 1

Volume IX, Double-Line Litter Lower

DOUBLE-LINE LITTER LOWER teaches this technique. The “intensive care unit” of vertical rescue. The double line litter lower should be used whenever possible in vertical rescue evacuations. This technique is absolutely essential for any experienced rescue team. It is the “gold standard” of patient care in the vertical environment.

Catalog #DLLLV9VHS Double-Line Litter Lower

The Ram-Art Series:

Volume 1

Introduction to Rope Rescue


Volume 2

Knots and Hitches


Volume 3

Friction Devices & Rappelling


Volume 4

Rigging Part 1


Volume 5

Patient Packaging Part 1 (The Litter)


Volume 6

Edge Management


Volume 7

Rigging Part 2


Volume 8

Single-Line Litter Lower


Volume 9

Double-Line Litter Lower



Patient Packaging Part 2 (Medical Considerations)


Volume 11

Mechanical Advantage


Volume 12

Trydean/Telpher Systems


Volume 13

Belay and Rappel Techniques


Volume 14

Litter Raising Techniques



Swept Away

SWEPT AWAY, a guide to water rescue operations by Alan Madison Productions. In emergency situations, swift flowing water can become a deadly adversary for both victims and rescuers alike. Now, for the first time, there is a comprehensive training film that clearly explains through demonstrations the safest and most effective water rescue techniques. VHS Format. Weight 1 lb.(.5kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #SWVHS Swept Away Video


River Rescue: The Video

RIVER RESCUE: THE VIDEO is a visual reference for whitewater safety. Actual and simulated rescues for paddlers in canoes, kayaks, rafts, and duckies. Les Bechdal and Anne R. Ford. 55 minutes. VHS Format. Weight 1 lb.(.5kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #RRTVVHS River Rescue: The Video