Rollers and Edge Protection
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            Static kernmantle and dynamic kernmantle ropes are very strong and have excellent abrasion resistance; however, they will quickly abrade or even worse, be cut by sharp edges. A bare rope must never be run over an unprotected edge, or allowed to rub against any substance which is harder than nylon. Remember human lives may depend on the integrity of the rope. Abrasion and cuts destroy the rope’s integrity and makes a relatively safe product into an accident waiting to happen. To help protect your life and to save expensive ropes from damage, we recommend the use of rope pads, edge or roof rollers any time a rope is deployed. Rollers or pads must be placed so that the rope will be in contact with the device no matter what is going on with the rope below. The pad or roller must also be secured by tying it back with short lengths of cord or rope. This will not only help to keep the rope in place, it will prevent dropping the edge protection, a frustrating occurrence to say the least.

Rope Guard

Tough, multi-layer canvas guard wraps around rope to prevent abrasion from rub points. Rope Guards can be easily and quickly placed on the rope at any point. Four different lengths offer a solution to any rub point situation. Weight will vary, plan on 1 lb.(.5kg) each. Made in USA.

Catalog #RG12 Rope Guard 12”(31cm) Long

Catalog #RG18 Rope Guard 18”(46cm) Long

Catalog #RG24 Rope Guard 24”(62cm) Long

Catalog #RG36 Rope Guard 36”(92cm) Long

Rope Pads

A large 24”(61cm) by 18”(46cm) Rope Pad made of multiple layers of 18oz.(509g) heavy duty canvas duck, which is water resistant and mildew proof. All edges are tape bound for good looks and then double stitched for high strength and long life. Includes 1/2”(12.5mm) brass grommets in the corners. Grom­mets enable you to secure the pad when in use. Manufactured to strict standards to

guarantee you the highest attain­able quality at the best price. Rope Pads protect trees and vegetation when you tie off to them. Bare

ropes running around a tree can girdle, killing it within a short time. Use of our pads helps preserve nature’s wonderland. Rope Pads

are much less expensive than rollers, and they will work in many places that a roller can’t. We can custom manufacture Rope Pads to

your size require­ments. Please call or write for quotation. Standard Rope Pad weight 36oz.(1kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #TRP2418 Rope Pad

Rescue 911

Roof and Edge Rollers

These Roof and Edge Rollers are very similar to those made by SMC. The Roof Roller weighs 3.6 lbs.(1.7kg). The Edge Roller weighs 2.7 lbs.(1.2kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #WER Edge Roller

Catalog #WRR Roof Roller


Roof Roller

Designed to be used where ropes need to be protected from abrasion over a 90 degree edge, such as the roof of a building. The Roof Roller will also accommodate two ropes or a fire hose. When used on a 90 degree edge, it can replace two edge rollers. The exclusive SMC stabilizing wings on the sides prevent this roller from tipping over. The frame is welded with a large base area for stability. There are four 3/4”(19mm) holes at the corners of the base and four 7/8”(22mm) diameter, round rigging holes in the vertical plates. Two additional rigging slots have been added, which are positioned midway between the two rollers in the vertical plates. There is a 1/8”(3mm) thick neoprene pad on the bottom of the base. The Roof Roller uses the same rollers, felt seals, oilite bushings and axle as the Edge Roller. Yellow urethane paint finish. Dimensions 10” x 9.875” x 5.875” Weight 5 lbs.(2.3kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #149000 Roof Roller


Edge Roller

Used to reduce friction of ropes running over edges of all kinds. Two ropes can be run together over the Roller, or it can be used with fire hose. The base is a 6.875” by 9.875”(15 x 26cm) welded assembly of aluminum with a 1/8”(3mm) thick neoprene pad on the bottom. The Roller is 2 1/2”(6cm) diameter by 4.25”(10cm) long, heat treated aluminum, with oilite bushing and felt seals to keep out contaminants. It rolls on a 5/8”(16mm) diameter plated steel axle. Two Rollers connected by screw links will lay over a right angle such as a rock wall or edge of a building. Edge Rollers can adapt to almost any edge configuration by adding on additional Rollers as needed. Each Roller includes two screw links used to chain the rollers together. Abundant tie off holes allow the Roller to be secured when in use. Red urethane paint finish. Weight 3.2 lbs.(1.5kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #148500 Edge Roller


Born Entry Ease

Made of stainless steel, the Entry-Ease changes the edge of a manhole into a smooth surface that a person or stretcher can slide over. It will fit entries as small as 18 inches in diameter and also works on railings, pipes, ladder rungs, or other surfaces with high friction or which may damage a lifeline. The Entry-Ease may be your only option in a location with low overhead clearance. Weighs 5 lbs. Item #735100.



Roll Module

Compact and lightweight, the Petzl Roll Module is the most versatile edge roller available. The four “modules” are linked together with screw links and can twist and turn to conform to uneven surfaces. Supplied with the Roll Module are 8 small screw links, 4 allen bolts with wrench for attachment to 8mm rock anchors (#P12) and nylon protective storage bag. Weight 3.3 lbs.(1.5kg). Made in France.

Catalog #P49 Petzl Roll Module

Rock Exotica

Terrain Protector

Terrain Protectors are connected together with carabiners, screw links or accessory cord (sold separately) to make a chain that is laid on the ground to protect your rope. Because of the way the Terrain Protectors are linked together, they will twist to conform to uneven ground and you can make the chain as long as you need. The non-rotating axle of the Terrain Protector is 6”(15cm) long to allow a stable base and to accommodate several ropes if needed. Weight 8.4oz.(240g). Made in USA.

Catalog #302110 Rock Exotica Terrain Protector