Rope Care
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A liquid vinyl compound which is applied to the ends of ropes. It seals the ends of the rope and prevents the ends from unraveling and fraying. Your choice of four colors plus clear can be used to code ropes by length, size, date in service, or whatever type of coding is desired. New waterbased formula. Brush in cap. Each can contains 4oz.(118ml) of Whip-­End‑Dip, enough to dip many ends. Weight 4.5oz.(127g). Made in USA.

Catalog #180CL Whip‑End‑Dip Clear

Catalog #180B Whip-End-Dip Black

Catalog #180G Whip‑End‑Dip Green

Catalog #180R Whip‑End‑Dip Red

Catalog #180W Whip‑End‑Dip White

Shrink‑To‑Fit Tube

Heat shrinkable tubing for marking and finishing off rope ends. Slip over end of rope and apply hot air or an infrared heat source of 275°F(135C). Clear tubing will shrink tightly around rope and marker. Sold in whole foot increments.

Catalog #060802 3/4”(19mm) Inside Diameter Heat Shrink, Shrinks to             3/8”(10mm) I.D.

Catalog #060803 3/8”(10mm) Inside Diameter Heat Shrink, Shrinks to             3/16”(5mm) I.D.


Rope Identification Markers

Write‑on self‑laminating rope markers. Write the size, length, date and serial number on the white portion of the marker. The clear laminating section wraps around the rope and label to protect the legend. Legend area is 3/4”(19mm) by 1”(25mm). Adequate for ropes up to 5/8”(16mm) in diameter. Booklet contains 60 labels. Weight 4oz.(113g). Made in USA.

Catalog #PSCB‑3 Rope l.D. Marker Booklet

Harbor Master

Life Line Cleaner

A biodegradable cleaning compound specially formulated to clean ropes. This compound will help to remove all gritty material and many stains from your ropes. Soak dirty ropes in diluted Life Line Cleaner for a few hours, and then use a Rope Washer to complete the cleaning process. The result is clean ropes that last longer and do not damage other hardware. Complete with use and dilution instructions. Weight one quart(.95L)-3 lbs.(1.4kg), one gallon(3.8L)-12 lbs.(5.4kg), five gallons(19L)-60 lbs.(27.1kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #LLlQT Life Line Cleaner One Quart

Catalog #LLlGL Life Llne Cleaner One Gallon

Catalog #LL5GL Life Line Cleaner Five Gallons

Rope Washers

A miniature hose washer for ropes. A clean rope will last longer and will not wear out auxiliary equipment as quickly. Designed to clean muddy or gritty ropes of any construction or material. For super clean ropes use in conjunction with Life Line Cleaner. Two sizes can clean any rope up to 3/4”(19mm) in size. Cleans rope with tiny swirling jets of high pressure water. Simple to use: just attach the PVC rope washer to a faucet or hose, turn water on and pull dirty rope through the washer slowly. The small Rope Washer handles ropes up to 1/2”(12.5mm) and the large handles ropes from 1/2”(12.5mm) to 3/4”(19mm) in diameter. Weight small 7oz.(200g), large 8oz.(228g). Made in USA.

Catalog #143500 Small Rope Washer

Catalog #1440 Large Rope Washer


Rope and Hose Washer

Put your ropes and hoses away and clean them at the same time in seconds. The BoKat Rope Washer opens in half to expose cleaning brushes. The unit is opened and closed with Velcro straps. Easy to use system: Place the Rope Washer around the rope and close by fastening the straps. Attach the cold water supply to the Rope Washer, turn the water on, and simply pull the rope through the washer. Comes with a rubber insert for cleaning smaller sized ropes and hoses. Accommodates rope or hose up to 3/4”(19mm). Weight 1.5 lbs.(.7kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #BOK1 BoKat Rope and Hose Washer

Rope and Cordage Meter

A simple accurate device for measuring all rope and cordage from 5/32”(4mm) up to 3/4”(19mm) in diameter. The toothed, measuring wheel and stainless steel pressure shoe assure uninterrupted no slip contact with cordage. Accurate digital mechanical counter reads out feet and inches up to 999 feet 11 inches and then starts over at 0. Pulling the rope through back­wards will subtract from the total. Weight 8 lbs.(3.6kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #1430 Rope Meter

Rope History Card

Rule number one in rope maintenance is: THOU SHALL KEEP ACCURATE RECORDS! A used rope without a written history is dangerous. If you don’t know what it was used for last week how can you know if it is safe this week? The use of Rope History Cards gives you the ability to keep a complete history for each rope in one neat and orderly concise form. Remember, a rope without

a history is not to be trusted. Weight .2oz.(6g) per card. Printed in USA.

Catalog #RHC1 Rope History Card

How To Cut Synthetic Rope

With a knife, right? Wrong! How many times have you seen or worked with a rope that has a shaving brush end. Ropes that have been cut with a knife will quickly develop this “swarm of caterpillars” on the cut ends. This is wasteful because the rope keeps unraveling, getting shorter all the time, and it is potentially unsafe due to snagging and fouling of gear with loose nylon. There are a number of ways to cut synthetic ropes that will seal the ends pre­venting unraveling. Some of the more popular methods follow. Put a few turns of tape around the rope at the point that is to be cut. Using a sharp knife, cut through the tape and rope leaving tape on both sides of the cut. Then use a match or lighter to melt the cut ends. Or, heat an old knife blade to red hot and cut/melt through the rope with the heated knife. Best of all, use an electric hot knife.

Hot Knife

Cuts and seals any size synthetic (except Kevlar) rope, webbing or material. Stable box type construction. Operates on 110 volts, AC with on/off switch and indicator light. Electric Hot Knives greatly simplify the chore of cutting rope. Blade heats up to red hot and melts its way through the synthetic material. Automatically heat seals both cut ends‑no more fooling around with tape and lighters. Replacement blades available. Weight 5 lbs.(2.3kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #HK1 Hot Knife

Catalog #RBHK1 Replacement Blade

Cutting Gun

This electric hand-held unit cuts and fuses the ends of polyester and nylon ropes and webbing. It will hot cut all synthetic webbing and ropes up to 1”(2.6cm) in size. Trigger type switch in handle. Cutting blade surface is 1.5”(3.8cm) long. 110 volts AC. Weight 1.9 lbs.(.9kg).

Catalog #S68010 Cutting Gun

Catalog #S68050 Replacement Blade