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Survival Gear For Your Lungs

Whiffs Mask

Perfect for wildland firefighting, overhaul and arson investigation, the Whiffs Mask is made of Yellow Advance Nomex, which carries a 1050°F heat rating. Included with this product is a detachable elastic head strap. This strapping system secures the mask and filter to the firefighting head, assuring that the mask will not slip down in any type of condition. The Whiffs mask is lined with blue Indura Ultra Soft cloth with a hydrolone finish. This material helps to wick moisture from the firefighters face and prevents the transfer of radiant heat to the skin. Its sleek design makes the mask comfortable tow ear, even in hot climates. The black Velcro attachment points at the bridge of the nose on the outside of the Whiffs mask are used for attaching to the goggles. The other three Velcro attachment points on the outside of the mask are used for attaching the optional neck shroud. When used with one of the Xcaper Easy Breathe moist filters, the Whiffs Mask provides unparalleled firefighter protection. It is machine washable in cold water, and should be hung to dry.


Manta X 20 or Manta X 30


The New Manta X (available in two sizes, 20 & 30) is made of Carbon X material and Kevlar elastic with Nomex thread. The Manta X is easy to use just like a Bandana. The Manta X is made of stretchable material which makes it easy to pull down and up when needed. Used with an Xcaper Filter system (which absorbs 100% of particulate matter and filters up to 100% of CO and other gases common to wildland and structure fires) you have the perfect combination of protection for 6 to 8 hours. The filter simply Velcros to the backside of the bandana.



Picture of Manta X 20


Whiffs Shroud

The Whiffs Shroud fits the Whiffs Mask and is made of Advance Nomex which carries a 1050°F heat rating. The Shroud is lined with blue Indura Ultra Soft cloth with a hydrolone finish. This material helps to wick moisture from the firefighters face and prevents the transfer of radiant heat to the skin. It is the perfect accessory when more protection is needed. The three Velcro attachment points on the inside of the shroud should be used to attach to the Whiffs mask. The shroud is machine washable in cold water, and should be hung to dry.



Whiffs Tac-Air-Pro Mask

Specifically designed for law enforcement operations, the Tac-Air-Pro Mask is made of Black Advance Nomex, which has a 1050°F radiant heat rating. The breathing port of the mask is also made of Nomex. The Tac-Air-Pro Mask also has an Indura thermal barrier to stop the transfer of heat. Included with this mask is a detachable elastic head strap system. The strapping system assures the officer that the mask and filter will not slip. The mask and filter can be stretched under the wearer s chin when not in a smoky environment and can immediately be pulled back up when needed. There is never a need to completely remove the mask and filter at the scene of a fire. Velcro attachment points at the bridge of the nose on the mask are used to attach the mask to goggles as an alternate method of keeping the mask from slipping. The Tac-Air-Pro Mask is machine washable in cold water and must be air dried. The black Xcaper Tactical Easy Breathe Filter was designed for this mask. Any of the other Xcaper Professional Filters will also work in this mask.

Xcaper Filter

Easy Breathe (green) or Easy Breathe Tactical (black)

The Xcaper Easy Breathe and Easy Breathe Tactical filters deliver unparalleled protection by trapping particulate matter and absorbing hazardous gasses common to the smoke in fires. They are made to be used with the Whiffs mask, Tac-Air-Pro Mask or Manta X 20 or 30, and are ideal for wildland fires and structural overhaul, as well as for arson investigation and SWAT operations. The unique combination of materials that make up the Xcaper Easy Breathe moist filters provides a product that one can breathe through with little resistance. Available in lime green (Easy Breathe) or black (Easy Breathe Tactical), the filter comes in a vacuum sealed foil bag that should not be opened prior to use. Once removed from the vacuum sealed foil bag, the filter is intended for single use and will last for approximately 6 to 8 consecutive hours.

Whiffs Carry Bag

Available in Tactical Black or Yellow

The Whiffs carry bag is perfect for carrying up to five Xcaper filters with a Whiffs Mask & Shroud, a Tack-Air-Pro mask, or a Manta X 20 or 30. The carry bag is made of Indura rugged cloth and it has a hook fastener on one end, and draw cord with stop lock on the other end for easy access.




For Professional Safety, combining real world performance and true portability has never been an option  until now! Work zone perimeter control move into the twenty-first century with Flex-Safe brand safety barricades. Combining high strength, light weight materials with state of the art design, Flex-Safe brand safety barricades offer a professional solution for perimeter control and pedestrian traffic management. Flex-Safe brand safety barricades are unlike any other barricade on the market today. The unique X-Brace design unfolds instantly to create the most versatile and complete perimeter management system available anywhere. The convenient lock straps quickly connect each unit to the next, allowing virtually any configuration, on any site. Features include handle, sure grip knobs, non-slip feet, and reflective, high visibility color. Clip-on directional arrows available per request. Weighs 14 lbs.                                                                   Size: open- 38  x 38  x 74, closed- 48  x 6 x 8

Where you will find Flex-Safe Barricades:

·         Sidewalk repair

·         Roofing

·         Manhole Access

·         Tree Work

·         Renovation Projects

·         Detail work/roadside assistance

·         Event parking/lot control

·         Concerts/sporting events

·         Convention centers/shopping malls

·         Airports

·         Museums

·         General Maintenance

·         Hallway/Area Closures

·         Factory floors/warehouses

Directional arrows, traffic cones, and other crowd/traffic control items available. Please call and request.


Flood Control Kit

When every minute counts &fill sandbags twice as fast as traditional methods. When the water is about to rise people don t know where to turn for sandbagging supplies. Now they can count on you. All the supplies your customers need for emergency sandbagging are contained in the Flood Control Kit except the sand. The EZ Bagger sandbag filling tool, which is the foundation of the Kit, was developed to provide the most effective tool for workers to transport and use during flood emergencies. In the past, workers have been forced to work in pairs to fill sandbags, one person to shovel while the second person holds the bag open.

The EZ Bagger enables each worker to fill sandbags with no wasted time or effort. The tool is designed to hold the sandbag open while it is being filled using a scoop and tilt motion. You are doubling the output of a crew without increasing the number of workers. The compact design of the product enables both the sandbags and the EZ Bagger to be conveniently stored in the same box. The Kit stores in less than one cubic foot of space. Two kits are available:

FC100- (2 EZ Baggers, 100 sandbags, 2 pairs of gloves, 1 instruction sheet)

FC500- (6 EZ Baggers, 500 sandbags, 6 pairs of gloves, 1 instruction sheet)

EZ Bagger Scooping into Burlap SandBag



CoolFreeze and Tropicool

Mobile refrigeration and heating

CoolFreeze: CF series

·         Coated wire basket- removable basket eases loading of contents and keeps foods from adhering to the interior walls

·         High quality construction- high impact polypropylene

·         State-of-the-art technology- Danfoss BDF compressor

·         Special electronics- temperature regulation with LED indicators and soft-touch operating panel

·         Battery monitor/protector- provides low voltage shut-off, protects against draining battery

·         12/24 Volts DC / 110 Volts AC

·         Interior light

·         Convenient carrying handles

·         Refrigerator to freezer with touch of a button


The Slimline (CF-25)              .9 cubic feet (24 quarts)          holds 27 cans              21.7  L x 16.7  H x 10.2  W

The Transporter (CF-35)         1.1 cubic feet (33 quarts)        holds 41 cans              22.8  L x 15.1  H x 14  W

The Space Saver (CF-40)        1.3 cubic feet (39 quarts)        holds 48 cans              22.8  L x 17.5  H x 14  W

The Entertainer (CF-50)          1.7 cubic feet (52 quarts)        holds 68 cans              24.8  L x 19  H x 14  W

The Mammoth (CF-110)         3.7 cubic feet (113 quarts)      holds 144 cans            31  L x 22  H x 19.6  W

Tropicool Classic (TC-14FL)

The compact cooler heats or cools as needed. Features:

·         14 quarts

·         12 volts DC/ 110 volts AC

·         Refrigerates up to 54°F below the ambient (room) temperature

·         Heats up to 149°F

·         TC special electronics

·         Soft-touch keypad with LED indicators

·         Individual temperature regulation

·         Detachable lid with magnetic latch

·         Carrying handle folds down when not in use

·         Dynamic ventilation with wear-resistant interior and exterior fans

·         UL approved

·         11 lbs

·         17.7  L x 12.9  H x 11.9  W


Victims Casualty Hypothermia Bag (Catalog # 6.8.1)

The VCH bag is a development by the president and founder of Wiggy's along with several search and rescue professionals who gave us almost all of the recommendations that have gone into the making of this product. Their advice has made the VCH a user-friendly product.

* The interior and exterior fabrics are waterproof.
* The bottom is 1000-denier cordora and the lining and top are 200 denier oxford nylon.
* Color is black on the bottom portion and the lining.
* The top comes in international orange or black.
* The insulation used is our L-12oz
* The zippers throughout are #10 YKK zippers

* The top half of the bag separates completely from the bottom half to easily place a victim and for sanitization washing after use.
* The zippers can be opened from either end and either side depending where it is necessary to provide service to the victim.
* There is a zipper in the middle of the foot/leg area to expose a portion of either leg, if that is all that is required.
* A pocket panel can be opened at waist level for mid section access.
* Each arm has an access point that does not require opening the zipper.
* For head trauma, individual sides or for the full head access can be exposed.
* A chest pocket is located inside the bag for necessary additional heaters.
* 8 man carry feature provides adequate space on either side of the bag for on foot extractions.
* Adjustable rescue litter straps run length and width on the underside of the bag.

Weight is approximately 8 pounds
Compression stuff sack is 11" x 23" (uncompressed).





Heat Distribution Systems

HEATPAC is a compact, lightweight, charcoal-fueled heat generator developed by the Norwegian Army. It provides a circulation of warm air in clothing and other applications.


HEATPAC solves these cold weather problems:

·                                 Provides warmth for ski accident patients.

·                                 Re-warms immersed persons

·                                 Heats sleeping bags

·                                 Provides warmth under ski parkas or winter clothing.

·                                 Warms handicapped during cold outdoor activities.

·                                 Dries boots and clothing.

·                                 Protects cold-sensitive medicines.

·                                 Protects I.V. solutions in sub-zero weather.

How HEATPAC works:
Heat created by a burning charcoal fuel element is circulated by a battery-driven fan. A catalyst cleans exhaust gases. Warm air temperatures may be set to 115-160 degrees F. (45-70 degrees C.)

Technical Data:
Dimensions: 9" x 5" x 2" (23 x 12 x 60cm)
Weight: 17.5 oz. (500g)
Weight of Fuel Element: 3.5 oz. (100g)
Heat Power: Up to 250 watts
D-Cell Battery: Dry or Alkaline
Operating Time per Fuel Element: Up to 30 hours


HEATPAC Accessories

Split Tube for general use:
Distributes and re-circulates the warm air in the casualty bag or your sleeping bag. Used for personal warming, or for drying clothing and your boots. Length: 3.7' (115cm), Width: 5" (12cm), Weight: 5.3oz. (150g).

Heat Mattress:
Heat mattress for even heat distribution in the casualty bag. Can be used with one or two heaters. 4.4' x 16" (135cm x 40cm). Weight: 28oz. (800g).

HEATPAC Rescue Bag:
Flexible, lightweight, fast and easy to use, low cost. Made of waterproof polyurethane-coated pile, the HEATPAC Survival Bag maintains body temperature and prevents heat loss from wet clothing through vaporization. When used with a HEATPAC, a patient can be kept warm at -30 degree F. (-34 degrees C.). Has half the weight of equivalent blanket warmth. Bag Weight: 7.7lbs. (3.5kg), Volume (rolled): 7" diameter x 24" length, Machine washable. Encloses a patient and a backboard up to 26" x 7' (67cm x 2.1m).




Micro size, awesome power, convenient, and instantly accessible, Photon Micro-Lights easily go anywhere you go. Its durability and versatility have made the Photon Micro-Light great for police forces, NASA shuttle crews, and Secret Service personnel. Using super bright LED technology, the Photon Micro-Light generates an extremely bright beam to get you out of any dark place.



Photon II


The Photon II features the standard squeeze button as well as a back-lit sliding on/off switch for continuous use.


Available in White, Blue, Turquoise, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Infrared (restricted sale).



Photon 3


The most technologically advanced key-chain flashlight in the world! Electronic switching gives access to 3 levels of brightness, 3 strobe speeds, and a convenient auto-shutoff mode. Water resistant. Convenient electronic bypass to go straight to maximum brightness mode.


Available in White and Turquoise.



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