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Smoke Simulation Machines

Create smoke conditions for search and rescue training. Model 1500 offers continuous, controlled output so training officers can maintain smoke conditions for as long as it’s desirable. It combines high reliability, continuous operation and remote control with output of 1500 cubic feet per minute. The machine combines an external tank and an internal pump so you can refill while operating continuously. The system is equipped with a remote control switch (and a 25’ low voltage control cord) to allow the operator to activate the system at the machine or from a remote location. A control switch permits “turning” the simulated smoke to closely reproduce a variety of smoke conditions.

Rosco’s model 4500 is the first smoke machine with an output of 4500 cubic feet per minute. With the option of using either internal or external tanks, the 4500 features most of the same reliable components as the 1500. The 4500 comes equipped with a standard remote control, or you can use the optional Super Remote.

The Smokemaker model is designed for applications where electricity is unavailable or electrical cords are inconvenient. The Smokemaker weighs only 20 pounds(9kg) and operates by a 2-cycle gasoline engine for true portable or outdoor use.

Catalog #101150010 Model 1500 Smoke Simulation Machine

Catalog #101150050 Carrying Case

Catalog #124054197 Hose Adapter(connects Ducting Hose to machine)

Catalog #101821760 Ducting Hose(connects to Adapter for ducting of smoke)

Catalog #101150085 Optional Super Remote(programmable output control)

Catalog #101450010 Model 4500 Smoke Simulation Machine

Catalog #101450050 Carrying Case

Catalog #125450020 Hose Adapter(connects Ducting Hose to machine)

Catalog #101450030 Ducting Hose(connects to Adapter for ducting of smoke)

Catalog #101150085 Optional Super Remote(programmable output control)

Catalog #111821310 Smokemaker Engine Driven Smoke Machine

Catalog #112820613 Rosco Smoke Simulation Fluid, 2 Gallons(7.57 Liters)/Case

Model 4500 Smoke Machine

Fog Fluids



Adult and Child Rescue Training Manikins

The Rescue Randy™ Adult Manikin is a rugged, fully articulated rescue manikin. Rescue Randy™ is used in training programs throughout the world. Replicating the weight and resiliency of a human body, he can be positioned to sit, lie, curl up or flex to facilitate realism in your rescue scenario. Randy is made of tough cast vinyl over a rust resistant steel frame. Weights range from 55 lbs.(25kg) to 165 lbs.(75kg). Rescue Randy™ is a 5’5”(166cm) tall Caucasian. Rescue Rudy™ is an African American. Water Randy was developed for YMCA water safety courses and allows adjustment to its buoyancy by adding weight to the abdomen.

Juvenile Jennifer™ is a 4’(123cm) tall, 16 lb.(7.3kg), 7-8 year old sized youngster. She is articulated at all major joints. The manikins’ rugged construction will insure years of durability and usefulness. Jennifer is especially helpful for preparing personnel for child rescue where highly charged emotional factors come into play.

Catalog #1338 Rescue Randy 55 lbs.(25kg) Manikin

Catalog #1335 Rescue Randy 105 lbs.(48kg) Manikin

Catalog #1344 Rescue Randy 145 lbs.(66kg) Manikin

Catalog #1345 Rescue Randy 165 lbs.(75kg) Manikin

Catalog #1388 Rescue Rudy 55 lbs.(25kg) African American Manikin

Catalog #1385 Rescue Rudy 105 lbs.(48kg) African American Manikin

Catalog #1386 Rescue Rudy 145 lbs.(66kg) African American Manikin

Catalog #1387 Rescue Rudy 165 lbs.(75kg) African American Manikin

Catalog #1326 Water Randy 40 lbs.(18kg) Water Training Manikin

Catalog #1355 Juvenile Jennifer 16 lbs.(7.3kg) Manikin

Catalog #1350 Rescue Cathy Newborn Manikin (Water Fillable)

Catalog #1351 Rescue Timmy 3 Year Old Manikin (Water Fillable)

Catalog #1352 Rescue Billy 6-9 Month Old Manikin (Water Fillable)

Catalog #1112 Weighted Vest 20 lbs.(9kg)

Catalog #1114 Weighted Vest 30 lbs.(13.6kg)

Catalog #1115 Weighted Vest 40 lbs.(18kg)

Catalog #1373 Carry/Storage Bag


Rescue Randy


The Field Expedient Bleeding Simulation System (FEBSS)

The Situation: Most new soldiers and first responders have received first aid training, but are not prepared for the intense reality of a trauma incident. Situations ranging from gunshot wounds to IED explosions can be horrific to experience. A major part of this is intense bleeding. The uninitiated or ill-prepared can hesitate and, therefore, have a catastrophic effect on the victim where seconds are the difference between life and death. Only good training can overcome the natural reaction to hesitate and lose precious seconds in such intense situations. However, most of the realistic training devices and techniques available today are too expensive, delicate and generally reserved for the training of doctors and nurses. There is a great need for rugged and inexpensive training devices that mimic reality in order to train larger numbers of Soldiers and first responders to handle the pressure of life and death situations. The FEBSS satisfies this need.

Catalog #FS-1000D FEBSS Duluxe System (50 lbs.)

Catalog #FS-1000B FEBSS Basic System (21 lbs.)

Catalog #FS-1000B2 FEBSS Dual Bladder (24 lbs.)