Tripods/Confined Space Rescue

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          System “99” Personnel Lifting-Lowering System

International Safety Equipment Inc. introduces the SYSTEM “99/B” and SYSTEM “99/A” Personnel Lifting-Lowering System. The most versatile rescue and Utility/work system available today. This lightweight, compact universal system can be set up in a few seconds and can perform a wide variety of functions. One person can operate this system, raise and lower himself without the help of a co-worker. Should an emergency situation occur a top-side observer/worker can utilize the SYSTEM “99” to rescue an incapacitated co-worker. Additionally the SYSTEM “99” Personnel Lifting-Lowering System’s versatility and reliability make it an ideal work and rescue system for a wide variety of industries: fire departments, high angle rescue squads, ski areas, chair lifts, electric utilities, window washers, refineries, grain elevators, subways, breweries, railroads, naval and ship builders, transmission towers, offshore platforms, drilling operations, bridge builders, bridge inspectors, dam builders and inspectors, and many more.

How does the SYSTEM “99” work?

When lowering an object the roller drum automatically locks, and the 2.5 turns of rope wrapped around the stationary drum provide a 90% friction braking action. This means that 20 lbs.(9kg) of force on the free side line is all that is required to hold a 200 lb.(91kg) load stationary or control its descent.

When an object is being lifted/raised the rope drum free wheels (counter-clockwise) which releases the braking action. By adding roller-pulleys to the system on the load side, a block-n-tackle system is created. The 90% friction brake is automatically re-activated whenever the operator stops pulling on the free side rope hard enough to make the drum turn.

Warning: A separate lifeline must be utilized when the SYSTEM “99” is used as a positioning device.

The SYSTEM “99” head assembly consists of an aluminum capstan/roller drum mounted on an aluminum backing plate with a built-in anti-reverse spin lock. The drum rides on a 3/4”(19mm) carrying bolt and is supported on ball bearings. The SYSTEM “99” utilizes a special 3/8”(10mm) static kernmantle rope which is wrapped 2.5 times around the roller drum. This special rope has a breaking strength of 5900 lbs.(2676kg), is decay and rot resistant, and can withstand temperatures in excess of 400ΊF(204ΊC).


The SYSTEM “99/B” components: the complete head assembly, the rope guides, the 3/8”(10mm) rope [100’(30.5m) minimum], a handled ascender, a fixed roller-pulley, a traveler roller-pulley with becket, a handle securing rope lanyard, and the carabiner snap-hooks.

The SYSTEM “99/A” components: the complete head assembly, the rope guides, the 3/8”(10mm) rope [100’(30.5m) minimum], a traveler roller-pulley without becket, a handle securing rope lanyard, and the carabiner snap hooks.

The “99/A” system is the most versatile of all the “99” systems as it can be fully down rigged into a 1 to 1 system for controlling descent or for some lifting applications, along with such jobs as walking a 45 degree embankment or roof angle. The “99/A” system can also be up rigged into a 2 to 1, 3 to 1, 4 to 1, or a 5 to 1 mechanical lifting system as may be required for virtually any lifting and lowering job. The SYSTEM “99/A” Personnel Lifting-Lowering System is the ideal choice for highly trained rescue personnel that want the extra versatility.

The Rope Control/Stopping Handle

The Rope control/stopping handle is a specially designed extruded aluminum handled ascender. The handle is attached to the free side rope and the system operator and is used as a rope grip for lifting the load suspended within the “99” system, as a tie-off handle for holding the load stationary, and also provides the safety feature of not allowing accidental descent of the load in case the free side rope should be inadvertently released.

The rope control/stopping handle has a spring loaded “rope release lever” featuring rounded protruding teeth which provide a positive grip on the free side rope. Manual opening of the rope release lever allows the rope to pass through the rope travel guide housing, but once the rope release lever is released the handle grabs the free side rope and prevents additional descent. The handle securing rope lanyard is attached to the handle on one end and the system operator’s belt, harness or bosun’s chair on the other end via carabiner snap-hooks.


Advantages of the SYSTEM “99


Ascent-Descent Control

Worker/rescuer can stop at any given location. Work position flexibility.

Self Control

Worker/rescuer can move himself up or down without assistance from a co-worker. Self rescue capability offers worker added security.

Top Side Control

Controlling of ascent or descent by top-side worker allows for smooth easy operation.

Light Weight  

Head  assembly weighs 6 lbs.(2.7kg). Complete average system weighs 15 lbs.(6.8kg). Transportation and set up is quick and easy.

Versatile Tie-Off and Mounting

Greater positioning capability, a tripod is not absolutely necessary.

Visual Inspection Ease

All strength members can be inspected at one time. This offers workers a sense of security.

Kernmantle Rope in Various Lengths

SYSTEM “99” can be used in areas requiring cable/line lengths over 100’(30.5m). Rope can be used in anti-spark areas where steel cable may not be used.

Portable and Pre-Rigged

Light weight makes the system extremely portable. The system is stored pre-rigged so set up and use is extremely fast.


The SYSTEM “99” is feature by feature the ideal maintenance and work lifting and lowering system for literally thousands of jobs. Self ascent and descent, hands free tie off, lifting and lowering assistance from above or below are the features that enable a worker to perform all kinds of duties where a system such as this is necessary.

The SYSTEM “99” is an invaluable rescue system after any type of fall protection incident. Fall protection devices avert a workers fall, but the fall protection system leaves the job half finished if the worker is incapacitated and can not climb back up. This worker must now be rescued and time is not on your side. If you must rescue this worker you will need Mechanical Lifting Advantage(MLA) to lift this worker a foot or so which will enable you to disconnect the fall protection he is hanging from before you can lower him to safety. The SYSTEM “99” will provide you with this MLA needed. Because the SYSTEM “99” is so light and portable the rescuer can easily climb a pole, ladder, scaffolding, etc. with the system hanging from his body, belt or harness to reach a spot above the victim. Then the rescuer can attach the system above the victim and lift the victim a foot or so providing slack in the fall protection line and that line is then disconnected. The weight of the victim has now been transferred to the SYSTEM “99” and the victim can be safely and slowly (or rapidly) lowered to safety.

The SYSTEM “99” Personnel Lifting-Lowering System can be used in any rescue or work situation when lifting and/or lowering is required.

The SYSTEM “99” is designed to be used in conjunction with all existing designs of harnesses and bosun’s chairs.

We also offer the “99” Basket Chair, an extremely versatile and unique chair that conforms to both Class III and Class IV requirements. A worker using the “99” Basket Chair does not need to wear an additional harness.

Catalog #br-1-99 Complete Basic 99/B System w/100’(30m) of 3/8”(10mm) Rope

Catalog #ar-1-99 Complete Basic 99/A System w/200’(61m) of 3/8”(10mm) Rope

Catalog #100-99 Complete System 99 Head Assembly

Catalog #101-99 br System Upper Roller Pulley Assembly

Catalog #102-99 br System Lower/Traveler Pulley Assembly

Catalog #103-99 3”(8cm) Single ar System Traveler Pulley Assembly

Catalog #104-99 3”(8cm) Single Traveler Puley w/Offset Becket

Catalog #3105-99 3”(8cm) Double Traveler/Fixed Pulley Assembly w/Offset Becket

Catalog #110-99 Nylon Operators Waist Belt, S, M, L

Catalog #120-99 Nylon Rescue/Work Seat Harness

Catalog #121-99 Mini Nylon Rescue/Work Seat Harness

Catalog #122-99 Nylon Underarm Rescue Strap

Catalog #130-99 MT-350 Full Body Harness

Catalog #132-99 AGU-80 Full Body Harness

Catalog #133-99 Y-Lanyard w/Spreader Bar

Catalog #134-99 Nylon Full Body Harness

Catalog #140-99 Rescue Overalls, Orange, S, M, L, XL

Catalog #144-xx-99 Rescue Overalls, Orange, XXL

Catalog #140-xxx-99 Rescue Overalls, Orange, XXXL

Catalog #150-99 System 99 Bosun Chair

Catalog #151-99 ISE/TROLL Bosun Chair

Catalog #160-99 System 99 Reinforced Fiberglass Litter

Catalog #210-99 Rope Control Handle, Left Hand Model

Catalog #211-99 Rope Control Handle, Right Hand Model

Catalog #220-99 D-ring Type Carabiner

Catalog #221-99 Teardrop Shaped Carabiner

Catalog #222-99 Jumbo Teardrop Shaped Carabiner

Catalog #227-99 ISE/RH-60 Giant Carabiner

Catalog #311-99 4’(1.2m) Handle Securing Rope [3/8”(10mm) Static]

Catalog #323-99 3/8”(10mm) Static Line

Catalog #340-99 3’(1m) System Steel Anchor Cable

Catalog #341-99 6’(1.8m) System Steel Anchor Cable

Catalog #411-99 Jumbo System PVC Storage & Carrying Bag

Catalog #430-99 Tripod Storage & Carrying Bag (PVC Coated Canvas)

Catalog #510-99 Stretcher/Litter Mattress w/Handles

Catalog #525-99 ISE/HD Aluminum 7’(2.1m) Tripod

Catalog #530-99 ISE/STD Aluminum 7’(2.1m) Tripod

Catalog #610502 2:1 Mechanical Advantage Hardware Kit

Catalog #610503 3:1 Mechanical Advantage Hardware Kit

Catalog #610504 4:1 Mechanical Advantage Hardware Kit

Catalog #610505 5:1 Mechanical Advantage Hardware Kit

Catalog #614202 Haul Safe 4:1 Basic 100 Kit

Catalog #614203 Haul Safe 4:1 Deluxe 100 Kit

Catalog #614204 Haul Safe 4:1 Basic 200 Kit

Catalog #614205 Haul Safe 4:1 Deluxe 200 Kit

Catalog #615101 RSI Rescue Winch


CMC ProSeries CSR Pulley

Confined Space Rescue Pulley

UL Classified to NFPA 1983


Completely redesigned and refined for 2006, the CMC CSR Pulley (#300337) is a professional tool for Confined Space Rescue and numerous other rope access and rescue applications. It has a proprietary locking system and unlike other pulleys that rely on a toothed cam, the CMC CSR Pulley can be unlocked while under load. By eliminating the cam, the pulley system is much more compact when fully collapsed. Another safety feature is the integral swivel that reduces torque by aligning the pulley with the load. A built-in swivel is considerably more compact as it eliminated the need for multiple connections to incorporate a separate swivel, robbing the raising system of valuable clearance under tripods. The forged steel eye provides exceptional strength. The CSR Pulley, and its companion Swivel Double Pulley (#300336), both have high strength aluminum side plates, sealed ball bearings, and anodized aluminum sheaves. Accepts 7/16 and ½ in. (11 to 13mm) diameter rope.

Confined Space Communication Equipment

Con-Space Rescue Kit 1

The First Responder Rescue Communication Kit 1 is configured for a team of five rescuers consisting of two primary entrants, two standby entrants and a safety attendant, for entries up to 100ft (can be extended to 1,500ft). The system can be configured for up to fourteen people using available modules and accessories plus additional added equipment. Complete with carrying case.

CE 17001 Rescue Kit 1 (45 lbs)

CE 17014 Kit 1 w/ Power Talk Box (45 lbs)

Con-Space Power Talk Box System

CE 17034        Allows open, untethered communication between 1 or more workers in a ventilated work area and an untethered attendant. Includes 110db audible alert. 22 lbs.

Con-Space Rescue Kit 5

CE 17015       The Rescue Communication Kit 5 is configured for a team of six rescuers consisting of two rescue entrants, a safety attendant, an Incident Commander and two Standby Rescuers for entries up to 100ft. Additional cables, options and accessories can also be used to fulfill specific operational requirements. Complete with carrying case. 56 lbs.

Con-Space Fuel Cell Entry Kit

CE 17033        The Con-Space CSI-1100 Fuel Cell Kit contains the equipment necessary to provide safe, reliable, continuous, full duplex communication between a Safety Attendant and a Confined Space Technician. (Can be expanded to a maximum of 3 workers by using the Additional Entrant package). The equipment can be general entries and maintenance in aircraft fuel cells. 18 lbs.

Con-Space Victim Locator Kit 1

CE 17005        The Con-Space Victim Locator Kit is a complete stand alone system that gives a single rescuer the ability to search a collapsed structure and locate live victims by probing through rubble and listening for the cries of people trapped beneath. The Rescuer can also use the capability of the Rescue Probe to call out and speak to the trapped persons. 17 lbs.

Con-Space Decontamination Kit 1

CE 17016        Provides simultaneous two-way voice communication between the five people in a Decontamination Team, wearing face masks and clothed in air fed encapsulated suits. Configured for a Decontamination team of five: Administrator (takes notes); Washer/Wetter; Stripper; Flusher; Clothier. The system is waterproof and resistant to chemicals. 51 lbs.

Con-Space Bomb Disposal Kit

CE 17017        Private communication for team of three Bomb specialists wearing face shields and full body armor. System is non-rf emitting – conforms to MIL-STD 461. Additional cable can increase entry distance up to 1,500 ft. 25 lbs.

Con-Space Rescue  Kit 2

CE 17002        Rescue Kit 2 is configured for a team of four rescuers consisting of two primary rescuers, hole watch and team leader for entries of 100ft (maximum distance 1500ft). The system can be configured for up to fourteen people using available modules and accessories. The Command Module is battery powered, compact and lightweight making it completely portable. 3 1.5v alkaline ‘C’ cells provide 4500 hour life on standby and all electronics are fuse protected. 40 lbs.

Con-Space Rescue Kit 3

CE 17003        Configured for a team of 3 Rescuers, 2 entrants, and 1 attendant for a 100ft entry. Additional cable can increase entry distance up to 1,500ft. The equipment is easy to use, completely hands free and works extremely well in high noise applications. The electronics are housed in a rugged, waterproof, lightweight enclosure that can be worn on a belt. 23 lbs.

Con-Space Cable 100ft

CE 17000        Cable is the hardline that links all users on the system. It is as tough as the system and made with care to protect. 5 lbs.

Con-Space Rescue Probe

CE 17004        The Rescue Probe accessory consists of a completely watertight and shock resistant speaker and microphone built into a Cylindrical Stainless Steel Housing with a nylon tip. The diameter of the Probe body is 1.65 in which allows it to pass easily through a 2” bore hole. Attaching a Steel or PVD pipe to the threaded rear section of the Rescue Probe extends its reach. This allows rescuers to push it deeply into a collapsed structure through holes, cracks, debris etc. and into voids and/or pockets where victims may be trapped. 6 lbs.

Axial Blower w/ Canister

Engineered for convenience, this 8” axial blower is an all-in-one ventilation system. The design allows ducting to collapse into a built-in canister for easy storage. The unit can also be stored vertically to use a minimum amount of space. Includes blower, built-in storage canister and 15’ or 25’ of ducting. Air delivery certified CEESI. (cfm calculated using 15’ X 8” or 16’ ducting based on the diameter of the blower.)

HD26101        Blower w/ 15 ft of duct    (32 lbs)

HD26102        Blower w/ 25 ft of duct    (46 lbs)

16” Standard Axial Blower

HD26103        For very large confined spaces this large, 16” axial blower delivers high output for drawing or pushing air. The durable and tough metal housing holds a 6 blade cast impeller. It is designed for easy stacking for multiple blower use. (cfm calculated using 15’ X 8” or 16” ducting based on the diameter of the blower.) 53 lbs.

Com-Pax-ial Blower

This lightweight and compact Com-Pax-ial blower can be an all-in-one ventilation system sold with quick-connect 15’ or 25’ ducting canister which attaches quickly without tools with Cam-lock latches. (cfm calculated using 15’ x 8” or 16” ducting based on the diameter of the blower.)

HD26104        Com-Pax-ial Blower w/ 15 ft of duct    (34 lbs)

HD26015        Com-Pax-ial Blower w/ 25 ft of duct    (37 lbs)

Saddle Vent

HD26106        Taking up a minimum amount of space, the Saddle Vent allows workers easy access in and out of confined spaces. Ducting can be attached to the top and bottom of the Saddle Vent which comes in a tank version or manhole style.

Lumidor Micro Max+

HD26121        The only microprocessor controlled multi-gas monitor that has it all – easy to use, reliable, economical, lightweight, shortest response time and a lifetime warranty! OSHA compliant, with a rugged aluminum case providing superior RFI/EMI shielding as well as dust, water and impact resistance. MicroMax+ is designed, tested and manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality systems and is UL classified with CSA, certified intrinsically safe for use in Class I, II & III, Division I and Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G. 1.1 lbs.


·         User selectable internal sampling pump / diffusion

·         Interchangeable plug-in sensors

·         Field interchangeable NIMH or alkaline batteries

·         Load 90dB horn

·         Hydrophobic filter

·         Multi-use port (charge, earphone, vibrator, data logging)

·         Dust inhibiting particulate filter (inside inlet)

·         Rugged RFI / EMI resistant aluminum case

·         Simple one-button operation, and easy calibration

·         LED alarm indicator

·         Battery status

Lumidor Mini Max X4

HD26123        Multi-gas Monitoring Made Easy! Mini Max X4 is an unsurpassed portable gas detector for protection against flammable, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide gas hazards. It’s ideal for use by companies wanting advanced performance, reliability and ease of use, without the high costs of long term maintenance. Everything that a user routinely has to do can be achieved with a single press of a button, enables use in a wide range of industries.


·         Small and lightweight

·         Rugged, impact and weather resistant

·         Single button on/off operation

·         Ultra Clear Backlit Display

·         Continuous reading of gas levels

·         TWA/STEL and two instantaneous alarm levels with peak hold facility

·         Battery life, calibration and self-test status

·         Effective Gas Alarm Indication w/ distinctive, loud, two-tone audible alarm

·         Vibrating alarm supplied as standard

·         Reliable Operation

·         Includes TempraSure thermal compensation and shock protection

·       Cost Effective

Dillon Ed Junior Dynamometer

Measure load, tension, and force with this indispensable rescue tool. Originally designed to measure the tension on power and phone transmission wires, the Dynamometer has proven to have great versatility in rope rigging and rescue applications. It has been used for such diverse jobs as tensioning highlines, field testing rescue systems, and monitoring forces during rope rescue evolution. For precision force or tension measurement in a unit that provides continuous readout of the changing force and a hold features that records peak force, PMI offers the simple to operate digital ED junior.

HD26124        EDjr-5K          5,000/20,000 lbf/kN

HD26112        EDjr-10k         10,000/50,000 lbf/KN

Dillon EDxtreme Dynamometer & Communicator Remote Display Unit

The EDxtreme dynamometer is an extremely configurable force measurement instrument. Use it for simple applications, as you would the EDJr, or tap into its sophisticated user-defined options and select an optional communicator to monitor a series of critical stress points from a single location or to download your data to a PC via an RS-232 connection for compilation and analysis or to generate hard-copy printouts. For hard wire capability, a serial cable connects easily to included recessed connector on rear of instrument. Basic models (shown below) ship with dynamometer, two anchor shackles, shipping/storage crate(s), batteries, manual, and certificate of calibration. Order units with optional radio transmitters for use with the EDxtreme Remote Communicator. The EDxtreme Remote Communicator is a handheld remote command hub that lets users simultaneously display and control up to 16 EDx dynamometers within the same airspace. The Communicator also calculates the total weight (summation) of the individual dynamometers, offers custom units, and lets users export data to a PC for recording or analysis. Contact PMI’s customer service department for information on units not shown here, including other force ranges (2,500 to 330,000lbf), accessories, and units with optional backlit displays and/or with optional radio transmitters.

Laerdal Extri-Kelly

Weighing in at 58 lbs with extra weight capacity in the pelvic and chest regions, Extri Kelly is ideal for extrication exercises. Enhance the realism of each extrication-training scenario with optional BTLS, trauma and advanced trauma modules. Extri-Kelly is 5’5” and is available with optional hard or soft carrying cases.

BTLS Victim Injury Set Includes:

·         Over 30 wound lay-ons w/ Velcro design allowing easy application and detachment

·         Dilated pupil

·         Contusions, lacerations and abrasions

·         Cervical spine injury

·         Distended jugular vein

·         Flail chest segment

·         Fractures – open and closed

·         Burns – 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree

·         Impaled object

·         Abdominal evisceration

·         Stab wound

·         Projectile entry/exit (small and large caliber)

Trauma Modules Set:

·         Trauma head cover

·         Avulsed ear

·         Avulsed eye with unequal pupil

·         Lacerated lip, neck and skull

·         Impaled object in cheek

·         Open skull fracture

·         Seat belt contusion with compound fracture of clavicle (lay-on)

·         Compound fracture – radius (sleeve)

·         1st, 2nd 3rd degree burn arm (left)

·         Hand w/ open fracture of index finger, exposed tendons, multiple lacerations (sleeve)

·         Abdominal wound with exposed viscera (lay-on)

·         Impaled object in thigh

·         Compound fracture – femur

·         Lacerated foot with amputated small toe (right foot)

·         Projectile entry/exit wounds (small and large caliber)

PE42108   Extri-Kelly

PE42109   BTLS Victim Injury Set

PE42127   Trauma Modules Set

PE42113   Hard Carry Case

PE42114   Soft Carry Case

Laerdal Tuff-Kelly

Weighted realistically and designed for more life – like movement, Tuff Kelly is tough and robust for use in a wide variety of extrication training scenarios including confined space, high angle rescue, and bucket rescue. His extra tough cast vinyl body is supported by a steel frame and moves realistically in all joints. Built for rugged environments, transport and positioning are made easier with a 5 cm diameter eye-bolt in his head and a positioning waist belt. Includes coveralls and work boots. For medical challenges, combine with the optional BTLS Victim Injury Set of would lay-ons, simulated blood, and injuries designed to simulate injuries specified in the BTLS Instructors Manual.

PE42110   100 lb Tuff Kelly

PE42111   150 lb Tuff Kelly

PE42112   175 lb Tuff Kelly





The  DBI/SALA aluminum tripod is lightweight and portable, easily set-up by one worker and can be transported from one location to another. Adjustable locking legs adjust quickly in increments of 2 Ύ” (7cm) for added versatility and are kept in position by locking push pins. Adjusts from a minimum of 5’ (1.5m) to 7’ (2.1m) or 9’ (2.7m) of height depending on model and will span a 5’ (1.5m) diameter hole. Complete with safety chain to prevent movement and safety shoes that incorporate rubber sole for flat surfaces and spiked edges for slippery surfaces. Heat treated cast aluminum head incorporates a built-in pulley system to rout lifeline of mechanical device directly over opening. Also equipped with drop forged steel eyebolts for use as anchorage point for secondary or back-up system, designed to allow the eyebolt to hand plumb regardless of surface configuration. Rated working load is 350 lbs. (158kg) for work support and 310lbs. (140kg) for fall arrest, can withstand up to 5,000 lbs. of vertical pull. UL tested and classified to meet or exceed the strength requirements for anchorage’s 5,000 lbs. (2267kg), ANSI Z359.1, ANSI A10.14 and OSHA reequirements. Made in USA.

Catalog #8000000 7 Foot Tripod

Catalog #8000010 9 Foot Tripod

Catalog #9503094 7 Foot Tripod Carrying Bag

Catalog #9503095 9 Foot Tripod Carrying Bag




SKEDCO Industrial Tripod

The SKEDCO Industrial Tripod has a safe working load of 575 lbs.(260kg) and is constructed from the highest grade stainless steel and extruded aluminum. The tripod comes standard with three anchor points. These three anchor points are anodized red for easy identification and are set high on the head (protecting cap) of the tripod for easy extrication from confined spaces. The head of the tripod holds little or no load as the legs and the three anchor points are all interconnected by three 1/2”(12mm) steel bolts, this is how the entire load is supported. The head also prevents the legs of the Tripod from being spread right out, so even if the head fractures, which is unlikely, the tripod will not fail. All three legs of the tripod extend individually and can be set at different levels in 5”(13cm) increments. The feet may be adjusted for a variety of surfaces. They can sit flat for hard surfaces and may be permanently bolted. For soft surfaces, their points may be pushed into the ground preventing the tripod legs from creeping outwards. At the base of the tripod, a heavy duty chain with screw link provides the ultimate protection against the legs spreading and jeopardizing the load. SWL: 575 lbs.(260kg). Extended size: 10’(3m). Packed size: 7’(2.1m) x 6”(.17m). Weight 57 lbs.(26kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #SK-TRI SKEDCO Industrial 10’ Tripod

Catalog #SK-BAG SKEDCO Black Vinyl Coated Nylon Tripod Bag




Multiple configurations of the TerrAdaptor Portable Anchor System can be built from various standard system components. The primary system revolves around the TerrAdaptor Tripod System (SM230100N). This system includes all of the necessary parts to assemble a standard symmetric tripod that provides the ability to reach a height of approximately10 ft, and can and can be used in a Gin Pole or Bi-Pod configuration. The system comes packaged in three compact packable bags to make it easy to grab your bags and go as well as store the System together in an organized manner. To transition your Tripod to a Quadpod System, you can purchase the TerrAdaptor Quadpod Attachment Kit (SM230105). This kit provides the fourth leg andattachment pieces necessary to transition your tripod into a Quadpod. If your needs are fairly simple and a single gin pole is the best solution for your situation, you can purchase the TerrAdaptor Gin Pole Kit (SM230106). This kit includes a full leg kit to reach approximately 10 feet in height adjustability. For those who typically encounter environments that require more than 10 feet of height, additional leg extension pieces (apprx 4 ft in length) can be individually purchased for this use. This piece can also be used to provide one extra long leg if a tall lazy leg configuration, if desired. TerrAdaptor Tripod System Includes: TerrAdaptor Tripod Head 2 Offset Leg Clamps with 3 Load Locking Pins each Main Attachment Pin 3 Legs Kits complete with Feet, Hobble Plates & Baskets Center Leg Clamp with 3 Load Locking Pins each 3 Rope Hobble Sections Cotter Pin Kit Leg Coupling Pin 2 Lash Ring with 1 Coupling Pin each TerrAdaptor Head/ Accessory Bag 2 TerrAdaptor Leg Bag TerrAdaptor User Guide MBS: 36 kN (8,093 lbf). Also available are the TerrAdaptor Quadpod Attachment Kit which includes: Quadpod Head Attachment Leg kit complete with Foot, Hobble Plate & Basket Center Leg Clamp with 3 Load Locking Pins each Main Attachment Pin Rope Hobble Section MBS: 36 kN (8,093 lbf), TerrAdaptor Gin Pole Kit which Includes: 2 Lash Ring with Coupling Pins Leg kit complete with Foot, Hobble Plate & Basket TerrAdaptor User Guide. Foot Replacement Kit which Includes: Ball Foot Hobble Plate with Quick Link Basket Leg Coupling Pin, and the Bolt Replacement Kit which  Includes: 4 SHCS Alloy Bolts 4 Nylok Nuts.

TerrAdaptor Modular Foot System

Catalog # 230540 Modular Adaptor


  • Provides secure platform for multiple foot options
  • Fully compatibale with existing TA leg tubes
  • Tighter fit into existing grey and orange leg tubes
  • Adaptor can be rotated in 45 degree increments for best foot placement
  • Tools provided for replacing or interchanging feet

Catalog # 230500 Rocker Foot


  • The next generation ball foot
  • More surface area on the ground than a simple ball foot
  • Greater lean angles than simple ball foot
  • Three full strength, full size lash-points
  • Lash points easily clipped at even the greatest angles

Catalog # 230510 Talon Foot


  • Long spikes with steel tip deeply penetrates surfaces for secure placement
  • Second shorter spike provide additional security against foot movement
  • Two spikes allow Talon foot to perch on edges of walls and catwalks with greater security
  • Two spikes are shaped so that they are easily lashed securely to pipes, beams or rails
  • Lashpints are high enough to be accessible when spikes are fully engaged
  • Hardened steel tips can be sharpened or replaced

Catalog # 230530 Articulating Foot


  • Articulating feet swivel on a stainless ball
  • Rubber pad forf use on hardsurfaces such as concrete or other flooring surfaces
  • Holes for attaching the foot by means of screws, bolts, or driven spikes
  • For extreme wide leg angles or other special circumstances the articulating foot can rotate 90 degrees to the flat position
  • Three large holes are also available for clipping and lashing the foot to other objects


Double Rope Rescuemate

Double Rope Rescuemate

This ingenious device combines a 2.5”(60mm) double sheave pulley with an ascender cam. It is this cam that acts as the fall arrest mechanism holding the load between hauling operations. If a conventional pulley is required the cam can be disengaged allowing the rope to flow freely, this operation can be done quickly and is easy to reverse. Unlike sealed units, the Rescuemate can be maintained or re-rigged in the field and it has no hidden internal mechanisms to malfunction. The pivoting side plates on the pulley allows the user to put it on the rope at any point. It is designed to lift or lower, life or load. With the addition of extra pulleys you can increase the mechanical advantage on the Rescuemate as required. It will accommodate ropes from 5/16” to 5/8”(8 to 16mm) in diameter. Maximum load at cam on a 1:1- 1985 lbs.(900kg). Safe working load at cam on a 1:1- 440 lbs.(200kg). Weight 28oz.(795g).

Catalog #RM12 Double Rope Rescuemate

Rescuemate Pack

Rescuemate Pack

The Rescuemate Pack is a pre-rigged/pre-packaged 4:1 mechanical advantage lifting-lowering system using the Double Rope Rescuemate pulley. It is designed to lift and lower live loads, and may be used for rescue or entry into confined spaces. All components used in the Rescuemate Pack exceed the current NFPA, ANSI and OSHA requirements. No more fumbling about looking for parts to build a mechanical advantage system and no more scratching your head trying to remember how to assemble the parts. Thanks to the 4:1 mechanical advantage, it is easy to lift a 2 person load. The Rescuemate is rigged with 1/2”(12.5mm) NFPA two person rated rope. The maximum safe working load at the load end of the system is 1760 lbs.(800kg) [440 lbs.(200kg) at the Rescuemate cam]. Please note Rescuemate Packs can be custom tailored to fit your specific needs. Hard cases are available. The following models are available:

Rescuemate 25 Pack: 25 feet(7.6m) of lift from the top, 20 feet(6.1m) of lift from the bottom. 25 Pack contents: 1 Rescuemate, 100’(30.4m) of 1/2”(12.5mm)

NFPA two person rope with thimble, 1 double sheave pulley, 2 large locking D steel carabiners, 1 oval screw link, and 1 storage bag, all pre-assembled. Total

weight: 13 lbs.(5.9kg).


Rescuemate 50 Pack: 50 feet(15.2m) of lift from the top, 40 feet(12.2m) of lift from the bottom, 50 Pack contents: 1 Rescuemate, 200’(61m) of 1/2”(12.5mm)

NFPA two person rope with thimble, 1 double sheave pulley, 2 large locking D carabiners, 1 oval screw link, and 1 storage bag, all pre-assembled. Total

Weight: 20.5 lbs.(9.3kg).

Catalog #RESCUE-25 Rescuemate 25 Pack

Catalog #RESCUE-50 Rescuemate 50 Pack

Rock Exotica

Wall & Rescue Hauler

· Camming pulleys

· Cam free to swing on axle

· Accepts up to 1/2”(12.5mm) rope

· Cam can be locked open

· Swing side cheeks

· Max load Wall Hauler 300 lbs.(136kg) Rescue Hauler 600 lbs.(272kg)

· Sealed ball bearing

Rescue Hauler has becket

Weight-Wall Hauler 9oz.(257g)

Weight-Rescue Hauler 14oz.(400g)

Made in USA

Catalog #WALL Wall Hauler

Catalog #RWALL Rescue Hauler

Short Haul System

Short Haul System

A lightweight compact easy to use 4:1 mechanical advantage system. Used to effect line transfers and in confined space applications. Complete with two large locking D carabiners. Weight 3.7 lbs.(1.68kg). Made in USA.

Catalog #SHS Short Haul System


Spinnaker Swivel and Snap Shackle

The Spinnaker is a handy swivel for use where the line must rotate. Useful in ski lift evacuation, hauling systems and highlines. 3

5/32”(81mm) long. Small hole 9/16”(14mm), big hole 11/16”(18mm). Minimum breaking strength 6610 lbs.(2998kg). Weight 3.1oz.(89g).

The Snap Shackles also swivel and they can release a load at any time you select. They are useful in belay training, and with bungee

catapults. Length 3.5”(9cm), opening end 1”(2.54cm), swivel end .5”(1.28cm). Minimum breaking strength 6615 lbs.(3001kg).

Catalog #2467 Wichard Spinnaker Swivel

Catalog #2675 Wichard Torsion Snap Shackle with Swivel Eye

Rock Exotica


Rock Exotica Swivel

This incredible Swivel uses a sealed ball bearing for smooth rotation even with a rescue load. The top of the Swivel will hold up to three carabiners. Breaking strength is 8000 lbs.(3626kg). Weight 4oz.(114g). Made in USA.

Catalog #302090 Rock Exotica Swivel