Water/Ice Rescue Equipment

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ICE RESCUE TETHER LINE 4500 lb. Tensile Strength, 3/8 (Catalog #45200)

PolyPus Braid is a single braided rope constructed of Dacron® plied over para-ep polyolefin in each individual strand.  A unique plying technique optimizes abrasion resistance.  The para-ep provides body to the rope and enhances its handling characteristics, while keeping the weight to a minimum.  PolyPlus is the strongest single braid polyester/polyolefin blend available.  Floating rope that is optimized for use with ice/cold water rescue suit.  Cordura Bag included. 

ICE RESCUE TETHER LINE 5800 lb. Tensile Strength, 7/16  (Catalog #58200)

Rescue system lifeline that floats.  Intend for high-load applications that would normally call for a lifeline, but which also need a rope that will float.  Compatible with Prusik Hitches, Gibbs, and pulleys and other rescue hardware.  Core is polyolefin covered with a tough, abrasion-resistant nylon sheath.  Cordura Bag included. 

ICE RESCUE TETHER LINE 10,250 lb. Tensile Strength, 9/16 (Catalog #1025200)

Includes a Nylon Cordura Bag.




The Pick-Of-Life is used as a life saving device for anyone venturing out onto the ice. The Pick-Of-Life is a life saving tool which enables a person who breaks through the ice to rescue himself or herself. The set consists of two 4" (10cm) floatable plastic cylinders, connected by a cord that easily fits into a pocket. Each cylinder contains a sturdy steel pick that is protected by a retractable, spring loaded guard. When plunged into the ice, the guard retracts, allowing the pick to penetrate the ice. The person who breaks through the ice uses one in each hand, and with a hand over hand stabbing action, alternately plunges the picks into the ice, thereby pulling oneself in a prone position across until reaching firm ice. The set is bright orange for easy visibility. Nylon pouch available for easy carrying.


*NEW!* Mesh Bags by XS®Scuba

BG 320 Mesh Backpack shown

New! Outstanding gear bags by XS­­­®Scuba to accommodate all types of water rescue equipment.  Reinforced with PVC, these gear bags are tough enough to handle any type of water activities, from ocean to ice rescue.  Wheeled, backpack, and duffel bag models are available.  Call for more information about our new product!



Self-cleaning, replaceable cleats dig in hard on ice and snow for a safe and comfortable stride. They deliver a "150 NBS" abrasion rating, assuring outstanding wear resistance. The textured grid top surface is designed to eliminate slipping between STABILICERS and the bottom of your shoe. The upward contours of the toe and heel prevent ice and snow build up. Velcro straps make for a fast on, an easy off, and maximum adjustability to your shoes. This makes it easy to fit one pair of STABILICERS to the different shoes or boots you wear. The extra-large size is suitable for use with work books, fire boots, and ice rescue suits. Sizes: XS (Men's Boot 4-6, Women's Boot 5-7), S (MB 6.5-8, WB 7.5-8.5), M (MB 8.5-10, WB 9-10.5), L (MB 10.5-12, WB 11+), XL (MB 12.5-14 & Ice Rescue Suits).



Unique quick release buckle.  Rugged innovative design used in the Arctic by employees of the Defense Early Warning (DEW) line.  Delrin® pop-in, pop-out buckle is quick and easy to use, stands up to winter’s worst.  Tight woven, rot-resistant straps adjust to any size, from Ladies size 6 work boots to Mens size 13 boots.  Lightweight, rust-resistant, steel grip plates hold their ground without tiring the wearer’s feet.  Each pair comes in a handy plastic carrying pouch with directions, and fits into pocket or purse. 


ICE SCREW (Catalog #is)

This Ice Screw is fashioned from ultra hard aluminum alloy with hard finish. Super sharp threads allow them to place by hand, even in hard water ice. Design features include an exclusive cylindrical-cut thread pattern for easy placement and removal, superb stability and grip, extremely sharp teeth and threads, and polished finish. Diameter: 21 mm. Strength: 4000 lbs. (1814 kg). Length 7" (18 cm). Weight 3.7 oz. (105 g).

THREAD SAVER (Catalog #ts)

Keep from dinging valve threads during storage, transportation and on the fire ground. Keep snow, ice, dirt, sand, and water away from your valve's threads. The Thread Saver fits LP and HP pressure valve threads and is available in blaze orange or "glow-in-the-dark" phosphorescent. Each comes with 18 inches (46 cm) of attached nylon string to assist the user in removing and to attach directly to the cylinder valve to prevent loss. Weight .5 oz. (14 g).



TURTLE FINS (Catalog #turtle)

The Turtle Fins have an extra large foot pocket specifically designed for use with the ice/cold water rescue suit. They are a must for rescuers using the suit in open water operations. The Turtle Fins give excellent propulsion and comfort in a vented neoprene rubber design. The unique rubber compound allows you to achieve greater efficiency by reducing the overall weight. Adjustable strap allows for proper fit. Approximately 20 inches (51cm) long and 10 inches (25cm) wide. Turtle Fins come in black only. Available in one size: XXX-Large for the ice/cold water rescue suits.


ANKLE WEIGHTS (Catalog #aw)

Use Ankle Weights for more diving comfort. They reduce leg and fin buoyancy and minimize back stress allowing a safer more comfortable dive. Use them to redistribute weight for more comfort and stability. Ankle Weights have a comfortable form fitting design, constructed of a lead shot filled flexible tube, protected by a stretch fabric sleeve. Fastening is provided by sturdy, secure Delrin Buckles which can be released with one hand. Ankle Weights should fit snugly (not tightly) around the leg. (Ankle measurements taken over suit.) Fits ankles sizes 13" to 15" (33 to 38 cm) and weigh 3.9 lbs. (1.75 kg) per pair.


SWITLIK RESCUE SLED (Catalog #rsmk3)

Inflatable Multi-Surface Casualty Transport Device

·      225 pounds of buoyancy

·      Can be lifted, paddled, slid, towed

·      Horizontal flotation on water, snow, and ice

·      Lightweight and backpackable (19.5 lbs)

Standard Features

·      INFAB® inflatable bladder (extremely tough and rigid)

·      840 denier Ballistic Nylon cover with ZEPEL® treated exterior

·      Cross body restraint straps (6)

·      Head restraint with inflatable head pillows (2)

·      Reinforced towing attachment loops

·      Reinforced hand grasp straps

·      Pressure relief valve

·      CO2 inflation system

·      Manual inflation valve

·      Toboggan configuration

·      Integral inflatable flotation logs (2)

·      Leg restraint loops (2)

·      Integral 6 point suspension system for horizontal lifting

·      Reversible patient orientation

·      Integral thermal blanket

·      X-ray lucent

·      Heavy duty yet lightweight (20lbs)



90  x 28  x 3


225 Pounds


19.5 Pounds


CO2 Cylinder or Footpump


5 psi


12  x 20  Cordura®

Cover Fabric

Ballistic Nylon or Cordura®

Bladder Fabric


Optional Features

·      Foot pump

·      Ice grippers (2)

·      Adjustable 6-point lifting bride

·      SCUBA compatible regulating adapter with inflation hose and nozzle

·      AIR-PAK compatible regulating adapter with inflation hose and nozzle

·      CORDURA® backpack


SWITLIK MOM 600 (Catalog #MOM-600)

Throwable Rescue Platform

A revolutionary new concept for crew overboard or small boat emergencies. This throwable device inflates on contact with the water to provide an easily boarded platform with 600 lbs of inflated boyancy. Its neat flat pack stows and throws as easily as any Type IV throwable cushion!

Standard Features

  • Military Qualified, Hermetically Sealed Vacuum Pack
  • Rugged Heat Sealed Urethane Coated Nylon Construction
  • Manually Triggered Water Activated Inflation System
  • Fully Reversible, Easily Boarded Platform with lifelines Inside and Out
  • 3 Water Ballast Drogues for added stability
  • Water Activated Strobe Light
  • Safety Knife
  • Optional Inflatable Safety Pylon ($99 additional)


15 lbs (6.8 kg) packed
600 lbs inflated buoyancy at 2 psi operating pressure
Inflation System:
Water activated, 600g CO2 cylinder
Operating temperatures:
32°F - 140°F
Inflated Dimensions:
63-1/2" across flats (approx), 73-1/2" at corners (approx), Pylon 62" above bottom of raft
Tube Diameter:
11 inches
Floor Area:
10.4 sq. ft
Pack Dimensions:
17" x 17" x 3.50"
Pack Material:
13 oz. vinyl cloth

Optional Features

·      5' Pylon



SWITLIK MRP-10 MK-II (Catalog #mrp-10)

The 10 Person Survival Platform

Originally designed for airport crash/rescue teams, the Marine RescuePlatform is now available to owners of smaller vessels. If your boat catches fire or is sinking, even relatively close to land, the survival of your family or crew may depend on having more than just life jackets on board. Boating accidents claim many lives each year due to drowning or hypothermia when the victims have to stay in the water while awaiting rescue.

The Marine Rescue Platform is not a life raft, but is a way to keep ten adults afloat and out of the water until help arrives. Inflated by CO2, the Marine Rescue Platform is ready for boarding in seconds. It’s appropriate for use aboard smaller vessels, where stowage space is limited.  Weighing less than 40lbs, the Marine Rescue Platform is available in soft valise or attractive, compact fiberglass container with optional aluminum deck mounting cradle.

Standard Features

  • Hand Laid Fiberglass Container or Fabric Valise
  • Dual Chamber Reversible Configuration
  • Heat Sealed Urethane Coated Nylon Buoyancy Chambers
  • Water Activated Exterior Locator Lights (2 ea.)
  • Sea Anchor (automatically deployed)
  • Painter/Static Line (length, 25 ft.)
  • Heaving Ring and Line
  • Manual Topping Off Valve
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Raft Use Instructions
  • CO2 Inflation System
  • Lifelines (inner)
  • Lifelines (outer)
  • Floating Knife
  • Utility Bag
  • Whistle

Standard Equipment

  • 3 USCG/SOLAS Hand Held Flares
  • Waterproof Flashlight
  • Emergency Flag
  • Manual Inflation Pump
  • Repair Clamps (2 ea.)

Optional Features

  • Anodized Aluminum Deck Mounting Cradle
  • Abandon Ship Duffel Bag
  • EPIRB 406 Mhz
  • Katadyn® Survivor 06 Water Maker



Raft Capacity:
10 people

Fiberglass Hard Case:

Weight :
43 lbs. (19.5 kg.)
Dimensions :
24in.L x 13 in. W x 12.5 in. H
Hand Laid Fiberglass
Aluminum Cradle Material:
Case Color:
Shipping Weight :
43 lbs. (19.5 kg.)
Shipping Dimensions:
27in. L x 17 in. W x 17 in. H

Soft Valise Case:

Weight :
38 lbs. (17.23 kg.)
Dimensions :
24in.L x 13 in. W x 8 in. H
1000 Denier Cordura™
Shipping Weight:
43 lbs (19.5 kg)
Shipping Dimensions:
27in. L x 17 in. W x 17 in. H

10 Person Rescue Platform:

Buoyancy Tube Diameter:
12 in.  (30.48 cm.)
12 in.  (30.48 cm.)
Inflated Raft Dimensions:
114 in. (9’ X 6”) dia. x 12 in. high
Floor Area (Total):
37.7 sq. ft  (3.5 sq. m).
Floor Area (Per Person):
3.77 sq.ft  (.35 sq. m)
Buoyancy in Salt Water:
Total: 1,306 lbs (592.39 kg.)
Operating Pressure:
2 p.s.i.
Operating Temperature Range:
+10°F to +140°F (-12°C and +60°C)
Inflation system:
Single Inflation Cylinder with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Nitrogen (N2) Gas Mixture
Buoyancy tube fabric:
USCG Approved 16 oz./sq.yd. Urethane Coated Nylon Base Cloth.
(Exceeds MIL-C_17415-16AA)


Throwable, Inflatable Buoyancy Aid with Rescue Line

The TECHFLOAT is unequalled in its design for aiding in the rescue of a person in the water. Packed in one small, light pouch is both a rugged, bagged, heaving line and an automatic inflatable buoyant device which will provide 25lbs. of buoyancy after inflation. This is an excellent device for all boats from 12 feet to 200 feet. Particularly aboard boats that connot use MOMs, Lifeslings, etc. A number of trained rescue agencies have adopted the TECHFLOAT as their primary water rescue device for open waters, harbors, lakes, pools and beaches.

Standard Features

All-in-one- Lightweight safety
The Techfloat is an all in one unit that can be conveniently stored at the helm of a small boat or strategically placed in several locations on larger yachts.  Its light weight design and football like shape allow you to easily throw.
Excellent Flotation – 25lbs of buoyancy
With 25lbs (11.3 kg) of inflatable buoyancy the Techfloat provides excellent flotation to allow the victim relax and focus on being rescued. The horseshoe design is easy to get into while the quick release buckle will keep you secured to the unit.
75’ of line – Easy retrieval
Holding the end of the line, the Techfloat can be easily thrown. The neatly flaked floating line will pay out effortlessly as the Techfloat soars through the air.


Bag Dimensions:
15"H x 5"D
21 oz. packed
Bag Material:
Coated Nylon
Bag Color:
Line Material:
Floating braided line, polypropylene
25lb (11.3kg) buoyancy (inflated)
Horseshoe Material:
Urethane-coated Nylon
Chest Straps:
1" nylon web. with Quick Release Buckle
Replaceable 25g CO2
Via oral valve
Replaceable 25g CO2
Techfloat Repack Kit :
Model No. 800015 Repacking: One or two Repack Kits should be carried aboard. The Techfloat is easy to repack the owner/user should become familiar.

**NEW!** RiverX Rescue Board by Extractor


The new generation in small, swift water rescue and recreational flotation devices, the RIVERx board features improves function, durability and affordability over other existing products used today. Attributes include rotomolded superlinear polyethylene shell (like kayaks), drain/vent plug, dished deck, forearm elbow wells, 3/8" thick deck cushion, sturdy flexible handgrips for multiple persons or for body positioning, and holes for rope use in performing ferry angles and ice rescues. Additionally, the sled length has been increased in order to provide extra flotation and torso to mid-thigh rock and debris protection, not available in traditional bodyboards. Not featured in any other swift water rescue or recreational river board (hydrospeed or sledge) on the market, are the deep channels and reverse chines. These are important features which enable the rider to direct and carve turns. Without them, the rider cannot adequately maneuver the board where he/she wants it to go, and a great deal of side skipping is experienced. The RIVERx is a very secure platform to ride on, even while wearing a bulky pfd.

Dimensions and Weight: 55" x 24" x 6" at thickest point, 18lbs
Materials: Rotomolded Polyethylene - Hollow Core with vent/drain plug
Color: Yellow with Red Hand Grips and Black 3/8" thick comfortable PVC deck padding.


The RDC Emergency Response Craft                  Catalog #RDC15           

The RDC can stretch your tight resources by giving you a do it all, human powered, rescue boat.  If you do water rescue work, this boat should be along on every call.  The RDC paddles like a fast canoe, has the flotation of a raft and is as easy to mount as a surfboard.  It will store in a small package, deploy in a heartbeat and last for a decade.  There is no other boat that has as many applications or is as safe.  Whether on thin ice, fast current or deep mud, the Fortuna offers an extremely safe and mobile platform for the less than friendly environment.  The two access ports allow the responder to walk, crawl, swim or wade out to the victim.  Upon reaching the scene, one person can easily lift the victim up through the access hole or over the low freeboard sides.  It can be inflated with a hand pump or compressed air in a couple of minutes and can support several people in multiple victim incidents. 

Key Benefits

·      Provides a safe and stable platform for rescue personnel

·      Light weight, can easily be carried by one person

·      Enough buoyancy to support six to ten people


Included Accessories


·      Carrying Bag


·      Pair of Paddles


Rescue Applications

·      Body retrieval

·      Dive platform

·      Ice rescue

·      Lifeguard response

·      Litter

·      Low head dam

·      Mud rescue

·      PWC platform

·      Swamp

·      Swift Water


Optional Accessories


·      5 HP Rated OB Motor Transom 


·      Bottom Shield for Snowmobile and PWC Towing   


15  (4.6m)


48  (1.2m)

Tube Diameter

12  (31cm)

Floor Length

8  (2.5m)

Access Holes

22  x 40  (56 x 103cm)


60 lbs. (27.2 kg)

Number of Chambers



2000+lbs. (907+ kg)


33 oz. PVC/Nylon





The ART Inflatable Victim Retrieval Device               Catalog # ART IVRD

The  Applied Rescue Technique IVRD is a safe alternative for victim retrieval from Low Head Dams and Falls Through Ice. It provides flotation for several victims when multiple people need to be retrieved from a multiple victim water accident.

Additional Information

·         Bright yellow color

·         1000 Denier PVC/Polyester woven fabric

·         1 7/8” nylon webbing double lanyard

·         Double sealed seams

·         7mm D rings at each end made of 316 stainless steel

·         9.5” diameter and length of 10’ while inflated

·         Weighs 9.5 lbs

·         Rolls into a compact 9.5” diameter 16” high for easy storage

·         Inflates with a hand pump, compressed air, or carbon dioxide

The ART Inflatable Simulated Strainer               Catalog # ART ISS

The Applied Rescue Technique ISS is the Safe alternative training strainer rather than a hard pvc pipe which may cause injury.

Additonal Information

·         Bright yellow color

·         1000 Denier PVC/Polyester woven fabric

·         1 7/8” nylon webbing double lanyard

·         Double sealed seams

·         7mm D rings at each end made of 316 stainless steel

·         9.5” diameter and length of 10’ when inflated

·         Weighs 9 lbs

·         Rolls to a compact 9” diameter 16” high when deflated for easy storage

·         Inflates with a hand pump, compressed air, or carbon dioxide




Hawill's Water Rescue Throw Bags are used anywhere the potential for a water related emergency exists, such as white water rafting, boating or any related water sport. Throw bags are a superior alternative to heaving lines and ring buoys as bags can be thrown further and with greater accuracy. Our bags do the job better, quicker and more efficiently than any of the previously mentioned methods. Directions for use are printed on the bag. Using our bags is simple and foolproof. To Use: open the top of the bag, withdraw several feet of rope and hold on to it. Toss the bag (underhand) to the person in the water, then pull the person to safety. If you miss, pull the bag back allowing the rope to pile up at your feet. Fill the bag with water and toss the bag again while holding on to the end of the rope.


The Water Rescue Throw Bag is available in the following standard specifications or with custom lengths and/or specialized ropes upon request. Please call us for more information.

70' x 3/8" Solid Braid Polypro STANDARD Throw Bag (Catalog #1870)
50' x 3/8" Solid Braid Polypro BOATER Throw Bag (Catalog #1850)
70' x 3/8" Nylon/Polypro PROFESSIONAL RESCUE Throw Bag (Catalog #4570)
70' x 3/8" VIS-MAT Reflective Rope Throw Bag (Catalog #3670-VIS)

**NEW!** Reach Safety System by CrossLine (Catalog #clrss)


In water sports such as kayaking and whitewater rafting, each member of the boating team attaches a Reach Safety System to their PFD or strong-swimmer belt. The Reach System consists of three main components: a small, specially designed throwbag, 60 feet of strong spectra/polypro floating rope, and the revolutionary Reach Device™ (patents pending). The Reach is an elegant mechanical device with one simple yet important job: securely capture another line from afar. When the Reach Device is thrown across any line, rope or cable, it will Cross, Clip & Capture™ that line as securely as a carabiner. The entire system (which weighs less than 1.5 pounds) is easily attached to each individual's PFD, belt, or boat.

If a team member falls into the water, gets pinned or entrapped, or is swept downstream, he or she detaches their Reach Throwbag and releases it (in swiftwater), or throws it overhand like a football (in open water). This feeds out the rope and provides a long tag line to the victim. Other team members become instant rescuers, throwing their own Reach Device anywhere across the victim's line. When a rescuer cross-clips the victim's tag line, they can immediately pull the victim out of danger, bringing them back to the boat or over to shore.

The Reach can be used to clip any line with an object at the end, including a buoy, throwbag, another boat, a fixed line overhead, or even bushes near the shoreline. The Reach is intuitive to use, but as with any new tool, training and practice are required. The Reach System comes with extensive instructions in writing and on video.


WARNING: Do not use the rope in water rescue bags for rappelling or vertical rescue; it is designed for water rescue.


A unique new tool for water rescue and HAZ-MAT containment. The straight Hosinflator can inflate a standard fire hose with 2.5" NST couplings in a few seconds. A standard air pack bottle can inflate a 100' length of 2.5" hose. Up to three 50' sections of 2.5" hose can be used. It is an unprecedented tool for safe effective rescue on low head dams and swift water, as well as rescuing people that have fallen through thin or cracked ice on lakes, ponds, or other bodies of water. It also can be used for open water rescue and containment of HAZ-MAT spills on land and water. The Straight Hosinflator is made of light weight 6061-T6 aluminum alloy extrusion that is anodized to Mil Spec A8625 type II class I for the toughest most corrosion resistant surface. Order Inflation Hose separate. Weight 2 lbs. (0.9kg).

Straight Hosinflator (Catalog #shi-2)
Bottle/Hosinflator Connection Hose for 2.2 Low Pressure SCBA Bottles (Catalog #HOSE-LP)
Bottle/Hosinflator Connection Hose for 4.5 High Pressure SCBA Bottles (Catalog #HOSE-HP)


ARTSRS-Water & Ice Surface Rescue Sling (Catalog #artsrs)

The ARTSRS Water and Ice Surface Rescue Sling is designed for shore-based and rescuer assisted recoveries. It is not a lifting sling. The sling is placed under the victim's arms and snugged around the chest, allowing the victim to be recovered easily. The webbing is rated at 7000 lbs. The stainless steel D-rings are rated at 8246 lbs. All rights are reserved for product and training.

Lifesling (Catalog #lfsling)

A flexible, highly-visible, yellow flotation collar which is a blend of the traditional horseshoe buoy and the helicopter lifting sling. It provides 20 lbs. of buoyancy which will float your largest crewmember with all of their gear on. Because of its flexibility, it is easy to get into while in the water-much more so than a horseshoe buoy. Rope and other accessories optional.

RescueSling (Catalog#insrs)

Capable of supporting or lifting 300 pounds, only line and inflatable-sling rescue product, reusable and easily re-packable, water-activated light for night rescue, weather-resistant.  Two manual back-up systems assure fail-safe inflation.  Also available with 125 feet of buoyant lifeline with plastic case or nylon Cordura bag.

Stearns Man Overboard Automatic Inflatable Life Ring (Catalog #i014)

3-Unit Replacement Kit for #i014   

Water activated ring buoy automatically inflates in less than 10 seconds using a 16 gram CO2 cartridge.  Can be thrown with the accuracy of a baseball.  Made of high strength, polyurethane-coated 430 Denier nylon packcloth.  Fabric exceeds military and FAA specifications.  Ring has retrieve harness to pull individual from water and retro-reflective trim.  Break-away pouch is reusable.  International Safety Orange



Rescue Tube (Catalog #6357)

The Rescue Tube is an extremely versatile piece of lifesaving equipment which is ideal for surf, pool, lake or ice rescue. This wrap-around tube allows in the water, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Made from Ensolite foam, covered with heavy duty vinyl and weighs only 3 lbs. (1.36 kg). The Rescue Tube is 45" (115 cm) x 5 1/2"(14 cm) x 3 1/2" (9 cm) thick, and comes with these standard features:


-USCG- Approved Brass Fittings

-Six Foot (183 cm) Poly-Line [1500 lb. (680 kg) Test]

-Extra Strength Inner-Tube Strap

-A 2" (5 cm) Shoulder Harness



Patrol Rescue Can (Catalog #6352)

The #105 Can is 25' (7.6 m) and weighs only 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg), and is ideal for lifeguard patrol. It includes line and a nylon shoulder strap with Velcro closures. Seamless plastic units offer features not found in any buoy, including:

-Multi-Victim rescue

-Victim Security

-High Visibility

-Extreme Buoyancy

-Light Weight

-Molded Handles


-Low Maintenance



Maximum Flotation Can (Catalog #6353)

The #200 Maxi-Can is an outstanding unit for multi-victim and SCUBA diver rescues. It is 34" (87 cm) long, weighs 5 lbs. (2.3 kg) and has over twice the buoyancy of the #105 Can. The #200 Can includes line and a nylon shoulder strap.



Racks are available for mounting the Rescue Cans on lifeguard towers, rescue vehicles and patrol boats. They are made of vinyl coated stainless steel. Includes screws.

Catalog #6354 Mounting Rack for #105

Catalog #6355 Mounting Rack for #200


Mustang Survival Rescue Stick (Catalog # MRD100)

Incredibly easy to use, the Rescue Stick™ provides rapid flotation assistance to a person at risk of drowning. Simply remove the baton shaped Rescue Stick™ from its waterproof bag and throw near the person. Once contact is made with the water it inflates in seconds to a large horseshoe shape keeping them afloat and their head above water until help arrives.

Measuring only 14" in length and weighing 15.5 oz., the Rescue Stick™ is the most versatile rescue flotation device available. Easily stowed in a boat, vehicle, backpack or by the pool it will be accessible when and where you need it.

The Rescue Stick™ is an invaluable tool for police officers arriving first on scene to provide emergency flotation when no water rescue gear is available. During a swift water rescue fire departments can throw the Rescue Stick™ to the victim to keep them afloat while a rescue plan is put into action. Lifeguards can easily throw the Rescue Stick™ to someone in trouble to keep their head above water until rescued. Recreational boaters can throw the Rescue Stick™ to a man overboard while maneuvering to get them out of the water.


  • Can be thrown accurately 100 feet or further
  • Automatically inflates in seconds when immersed in water providing rapid emergency flotation
  • Offers 35 lb. of buoyancy - twice the flotation of a typical life jacket
  • Easy to repack and reuse - insert a new bobbin and screw in the replacement handle containing the CO2 cylinder
  • Stored in a waterproof bag
  • Compact and weighs less than 1 lb. - it is easily stowed and is accessible when needed
  • Extremely easy to use - anyone who can throw a stick can use it


LSC Rescue & Survival Knife (Catalog #966358)
The basic survival tool. Manufactured by LSC. Razor sharp blade, serrated edges, line cutter, sure-grip plastic handle with lanyard hole, rubber belt sheath with safety retainer. It is compact, lightweight, snag resistant and has 4" (10cm) mirror finish stainless steel blade with blunt tip.

LSC Knife Harness (Catalog #966358-H)

Wichard Water & Ice Rescue Knife Orange (Catalog #wkso) or Phosphorescent (#wksp)

The Wichard knife is specially designed for ice and water rescue use. Nylon handles come in either orange or phosphorescent off-white (when removed from a light source the handle glows for a short period of time). Total length of open knife is 7". Serrated stainless steel blade measures 3". Optional nylon pouch with lanyard grommet for Ice/Cold Water Rescue Suit mounting available.


Pouch for Wichard Rescue Knife (Catalog #wkp)




Rescue Hook


(Catalog #5) .85  hook blade. Mirror polished edge, silver finish, snap fit molded hard plastic sheath.

(Catalog #5W) Same as above. With soft nylon sheath.

(Catalog #5BLK) Same as above. Black oxide finish. With snap fit molded hard plastic sheath.

(Catalog #5BLKW) Same as above. With soft nylon sheath.

(Catalog #981607) Metal clip kit

(Catalog #ss5) Soft Nylon Sheath                




Fox 40 Personal Safety Whistle (Catalog #fox)

Blow with authority. This saftey whistle responds with unrivaled power. The high pitched "trill" is intense and penetrating. hear it sharp and clear: Hunting, fishing, boating, watersports, walking, jogging, hiking, camping, cycling, underground parking, in any situation including everyday outings where you want the extra safety and security provided by the world's most advanced whistle. Weight .5 oz. (14 g).


Storm Safety Whistle (Catalog #storm)

Personal safety at your fingertips. When being heard is a matter of life or death. Use for sporting events, campers, hikers, scuba divers, police and firefighters, adopted by U.S. military. The Storm Safety Whistle can be heard over the roar of engines, cheering crowds, waves an dwind. Special self-draining chambers quickly purge water. The Storm is totally waterproof and can be heard underwater. Plastic construction with easy to grip ridges. Weight 1 oz. (29 g). Made in USA.