Stretchers, Litters and Accessories
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Stretchers & Litters



High performance, durable, reliable rescue litters and stretchers.  Choose from Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, or Kevlar-reinforced materials.  Especially useful for extreme conditions, Ski Patrols, or SAR units. 


Includes the patent-pending StratLoad™ attachment points allowing any size carabiner to be used to attach a lifting bridle. StratLoad is standard on all Titan Stretchers (Stainless Steel) and available on all Titan Ti Stretchers (Titanium). 


Litter shields, wheels, inserts, and harnesses that can be used for most types of stretchers. 


FAST System and Spyder Webs for rapid deployment and lifting.


Our most versatile product line!  Products by Skedco can be used for Vertical Hoisting, Confined Space, HazMat/Decon, Low Angle Rescue, Water Rescue and much more! 



Efficient and dependable stretchers that sets the standards for all others.  Models range from confined space, MIL-Spec, break-away’s, and plastics. 


Stretcher Spyders that are easily adaptable to most stretchers and litters. 


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